Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas Memories

Channel 5 has a local program called Studio 5. They have demonstrations of crafts, and cooking, ideas for Christmas and guests. It is a fun one to listen to while I do other things, like wrap gifts. Their contest today was "What is the Most Creative Gift you have ever given or received."
I thought about it and came up with one memory

Here is mine:
When Sailor was Cowboy/Farmer in our past life on the farm, he was training a horse to pull. His dream was to get her to pull a sled or a wagon and we could ride behind. He worked with her in the summer and taught her to pull a plow.
Now he was talented when it came to working with animals and training them. He was also very clever when it came to guessing gifts. I hadn't succeeded in surprising him with a gift in our entire married life.

But Christmas 1979, I succeeded! And here is how I did it.
I wrapped a 3x5 index card in a large box and sent him on a treasure hunt. The gift I gave him made noise, so to wrap the actual gift was out of the question.
On the card was a silly poem I made up, and here is what I said:

Dearest Husband (I used his name)

This next present is just for you
It's hard to wrap, so here's a clue.
I'm sure that it will just "fill the bill"
It won't take much effort, and yet it will
If you use it right,
You will have a noisy but silent night!
Now if this has set your curiosity on fire
To find your gift, go look in the dryer!

Inside the clothes dryer, hidden in a pile of towels were two sets of sleigh bells.


Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend,
I still have the bells.... just lost the farm and horses along the way. From day to day I still miss part of farming, and still love horses, but maybe it is better to move along with the times. In the blog-o-sphere I think I would rather be 'Sailor' than 'Horse Whisperer' :)

RisibleGirl said...

I'm watching Dr. Phil right now and he was talking to a guy on the show about how the effort is the important part of gift giving.

That story shows just how sweet you are, my dear friend. Sailor is a lucky man!



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