Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Sister

I write this post about my sister's nick-name as an introduction to the following blogs about the bond we share.
My younger sister and I call each other Zeepter.
This is how it was derived:
It started out as Sister.
Then got stretched out to Seeeeeester.
After that it became Zeeeeester, which somehow turned into Zeepter.
After that it became Zeepter Beepter.
Older sister wanted in on the act, so we called her Liebter. (Leib is German for Love)

Sometimes we still call each other Beepter, but mostly it is Zeepter.

My husband and his college room mate called each other Paco. I have no idea. Don't ask.
But after marrying the Paco's, we brides became Seester Paco.
Funny how close it is to Zeepter. huh! Never thought of that.

1 comment:

Sailor said...

I guess we had to be there. And since we were, the names have stuck. :)


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