Friday, May 18, 2007

Are there bats in the belfry or birds on the brain

The weather has been getting warmer. The winter blankets are shed, the whole house fan is on at night, and the windows are open day and night. So I have become accustom to the sounds that come through the window from the outside.
I hear the wind chimes that S2 & DIL2 gave us for Christmas. They ring melodically as the breeze gently blows. The hummingbirds are out in full force and I hear their buzzing. We have purchased a new hummingbird feeder for the other side of the patio. They still have Humming Wars over the feeders, but there is now more to fight over.

I can hear the birds singing their songs. I love the robin's beautiful song (click on listen to song) in the early morning and late evening. The mourning dove sings occasionally, (click here) but a new dove, Eurasian Collard Dove has invaded and has a less pretty call. It is a more obnoxious call (click on the Eurasian Collard Dove link, scroll down and click "call-mp3" to hear its call) and rather than being peaceful music in the background, it brings your ears to attention.
According to this article they are expanding their range and warns us to get used to seeing more of them. I am not so sure I like their song, and miss hearing the mourning dove's song.

But I digress. As I listened to the different sounds coming through my window, it suddenly became very disconcerting that the noise didn't sound like it was coming from the outdoors. It sounded closer, and NOT coming from the window. . . rather the attic. Right by the stairs that lead to the attic. I began to investigate.

I walked into the bedroom. "nope not there." Back into the kitchen. "nope, more like just above the stairs." We have these cool fold-down stairs that lead to the attic. That is where the sound is coming from.

When The Sailor came home I showed him my discovery. Somehow these birds have found a way into our attic, and are now raising chicks! I can hear each time these busy parents enter the tiny opening in the attic gables, just above my bed!

Sailor says, "Simple" he will take a garbage bag and go upstairs after dark, find the nest and take it outside with the baby Chiclets inside, reestablish a home outside for them and that would be that. Then we would board up the attic opening, where they are getting in and the problem solved.

Not so easy. Nope, they are not just in the attic, they are in between the floor of the attic and the ceiling. I don't know how they got there, but they are NOT anywhere that we can see, in the attic.

I hear them feeding many times a day. Mom goes out to get the food, comes back in and the babies go wild. You can hear them all over the house.

Now our problem is this. How do we get them out? Will the mom show them the way to the outdoors when they are ready to fly the coop, so to speak? If so, we can board up the hole in the attic? Who knows? In the mean time, we can hear the baby starlings every feeding time, which right now is very often.

So the other day, I was outside at the Neighbor's house and I saw where they enter. I showed it to her, and just then she saw another bird enter in a different unfinished part gable. YIKES!
We have two birds nests up there. What to do. Now the fact that we have a very open attic is something we have been aware of since we moved here 21 years ago, but we have never had any problems, aside from one time when the cat was lonely and stood at the top of the pull-down stairs and meowed. He could hear us and wanted in. He got on top of the stairs and rode them down. It sure startled us. And the cat for that matter.

That is one more thing on the "honey-do" list of for the poor Sailor.
Once, a long time ago, we were worried about his job closing down. We decided to see if we should list the house for sale. The Realtor walked to the back yard, clip board and pencil in hand, poised to write. She looked about and declared, "I think I'll call it. . . 'Wooded'".
I wonder what she would say now, if she came inside and heard this nest of birds in our attic?
I am just glad they aren't active at night. And if I am counting blessings, I will add to that, I am glad they aren't bats.
Have a nice day.


Annieofbluegables said...

Post Script
I don't hear the tiny hungry birds anymore above my fold-down ladder. I better get The Sailor out on the ladder and board it up before some other stupid starling or even the original mother thinks it is a good place to make a new nest. . .

RisibleGirl said...

Ahhh yes, the birds. I love them, as you know, but sometimes they get on my nerves. My husband won't let me sleep with the windows open at night because the birds are so noisy even before dawn. (thank goodness for air conditioning!)

Then there's the woodpeckers who think our roof is a tree.... :-\


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