Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today's biorhythm and organizing don't go together

Looking at my biorhythm today, no wonder I feel overwhelmed. eh?
I don't usually check my biorhythm unless I notice a specific change in my behavior.

I usually check it when I can't seem to drag my backside out of bed, and feel particularly lazy, or inefficient, or when I seem to fly through my work and accomplish an amazing amount of work. And usually it corresponds to how I feel. Occasionally I defy what the charts, I will be feeling low, and everything is at the top, but that usually doesn't happen. Another thing: Sailor's is always opposite me. It is probably a good thing, because the one who is not dragging will probably carry the conversation and do the thinking. heh

 Today, I am tackling the "game cupboard". Well I was. Now I am blogging. heh.

Back to work. It seems overwhelming. I want to just take every.single.thing out of it and send it all to the dump. Very tempting. Sailor was watching me from the couch and I glanced back to see the dry look on his face and knew he had some words of wisdom.

"what?" I asked.

"Looks like you opened a Pandora's Box."

Yeah, more like Fibber McGee's Closet. . .

Or for Friend's Fans, Remember the One With the Secret Closet? Monica has all the stuff that doesn't have any place in one closet she keeps locked. When Chandler discovers her secret and she opens the door, it is pure chaos.

Well, here it is finished. The games are on the top, the candle-making stuff is on the next shelf along with some pre-made bows and old Christmas cards. I promise, I am doing something creative with them, and the rest will be used to start a fire later.
The Third shelf down has Christmas nativity scenes that are too delicate to take up to the attic, plus some ribbon for gift wrap.
The 4th shelf down is my wrapping paper, and the bottom shelf are packing materials, bubble wrap, tissue and other filler paper.

I down-loaded the a picture of the quilt I am making and put it in yesterday's post.

I got inspired yesterday and made something else. I will blog about it next.

have a happy Saturday, my Friends.



Rae Ann said...

Anita... I have a cupboard just like that that needs a little facelift as well. You have inspired me!
Love your quilt! Thanks for sharing.

Sailor said...

Hi Friend,

It really looks nice. What a ton of work, but a great result. You rock, even when your bios are on the floor!

ZB said...

That is a lot of LOWS!!!


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