Thursday, February 25, 2010


I just finished a quilt. I took pictures and haven't had time to download any pictures yet. Well, I have been sick, and haven't felt like it, truthfully.

But there is a sneak preview here, and here.

But as I put away the scraps, I decided to try and use up all the scraps, instead of putting them away, finding a place to put them, etc. \

So I started a new quilt out of my scraps. I was inspired by this post at Tallgrass Prairie Studio. Mine is different, because I was too lazy to make such small strips. It shows I was lazy, because it doesn't look as cool as hers.

To take a step further, I decided to surround it with a checkerboard of the two colors.I am auditioning the checkerboard here. I am not sure I like it. What do you think. Do I need more white? I was planning on another boarder of light yellow, and blue. I just don't know.



Sailor said...

It is a pretty quilt Friend. It is amazing what you do with the scraps. Talented Lady :)

Anonymous said...

I have a whole box filled with undone guilt blocks -- help -- I even have unfinished quilt's that need backs on them -- wink -- meaning undone projects! I did get the log cabin blocks done but don't know what happened to them -- guess that's what happens when you move to many time things get lost. Can't wait to see the photo of this quilt.


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