Saturday, January 16, 2010

trouble with blogger

While writing the last post on Christmas Surprises, I had trouble downloading pictures, placing them where I wanted them and getting the text to go to the right spot. As a result, I hit publish before I was ready. So in order to see the whole post, if you are reading this from a Reader, you will have to click on my site and go read the whole thing. I started writing this at 10:30 pm, and didn't actually finish it until 12:15. Almost two hours.

The way blogger works right now is it downloads your pictures while you wait. It used to download them in the background and suddenly pop up at the top of your blog. As annoying as this was, I think I much prefer it to just drumming your fingers as you wait for it to download all your pictures with no way of editing or writing.

So I got clever and clicked a new window open and began to write the text for the blog. But the bad part was, it didn't save any of my text, and therefore I had to go back when the other one was finished and try to remember what I had written. Also I clicked publish before all the pictures were approved or clicked on, so I lost all those that had downloaded. The new blog program allows you to chose where each picture goes, and click OK with each one. I was just trying to get them all on, then insert text, but that is not so easy either.

As I downloaded the pictures one more time, I clicked on a new window, and started a brand new post. Calling this one "2"

When the other one finished downloading the pictures, I clicked back and forth, copy/pasting the text into the original post. Then I deleted "2".

Had I been extra clever, I could have just renamed the post and deleted the one that was giving me fits, and it wouldn't have shown up in your reader or your email.

Now you will have to be inconvienenced and go to the original post or you will miss out on a fun post. Sorry


Sailor said...

Yikes! What a night. No wonder you came to bed as cold as a popsickle late at night. Sleep well now Friend.

Anonymous said...

I am still missing typepad ---BIG TIMe -- but for now this is free and I am grateful! But sorry because I've been there sweet friend -- thanks I've learn


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