Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Favorite Singers and Song

You Are Loved (Don't Give Up) - Debbie West Coon & Justin Williams

I just love the passion in this song. I could just listen to it over and over.
(did you see him wink at her at min 3:31?)


update: I purchased a copy for my Itunes here. Only 99 cents. 


Sailor said...

Very nice, Friend. Nice harmonies too. Love you.

Anonymous said...

I am so with you on this -- it done in such a warm loving way i can feel it... we are going through so awful time and went to your blog and here in your blog a song that was needed --- thank you so MUCH for finding it and sharing!

Miriam Herm said...

i know it's late, but at least it's getting done (at least that's what i tell myself). I just wanted to thank you for your sweet and understanding and helpful comment on my blog. i'm SO glad for blogs especially when strong women who can lend an ear and then offer me some gems from your experiences like you did. thank you.

Anonymous said...

I sent a few of my family members to this listen to this beautiful song

pam said...

I love that song too, only I have my favorite singer who sings it and I have post this on my site before too. Great song.

Suzanne said...

That is so powerful. Just beautiful. What gorgeous, harmonious voices they have. Thanks for sharing it.

Rae Ann said...

I love your blog! I am happy that you contacted me today. I love the gift of music that some people are blessed with, and these two singes have it for sure! WOW! I love the song and will go right out and buy it. They harmonize so well is amazing. Thanks for sharing!!!


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