Monday, April 20, 2009

Blue Gables feels blue

Maybe it is the let down from having to be "UP" for so many days in a row, maybe it is the fact D2 missed her first half marathon because of the unusual snow which fell and stranded her and her family in a motel in Wyoming. Maybe it is the fact that my mom is heading over the Mexican boarder and will be gone for 2 weeks, or maybe it is that my sister is leaving for 18 months for an LDS mission. Or it could be the constant worry of S1 who lost his job quite some time ago and hasn't found a new one. He is a Civil Engineer with a Master's degree. Really he was the one I was least worried about, and now there is threat of moving after they have purchased a wonderful home in a nice neighborhood and made many friends. sigh. Maybe the combination of everything. Whatever it is, I am sad.

I should be happy, D2 is coming anyway to visit for a few weeks and I will help to drive her back when she goes in May.

I look at my poor disaster of a house that has gone to seed during this month of April as I worked 12-hour days, with no days off, and it depresses me. I realize I will have two active grand children here and panic when I see all they can get into.
So here I sit.

As I write, my sister and D2 are meeting in Wyoming on I-80 at Little America in about 15 minutes. For some reason, I began to think of both of them, and ended up MSM-ing SIL-2 while I called my sister. I found out from both at about the same exact time that they were going to meet up. That is happy for them. I wish everyone good weather, good driving, careful drivers around them, no mechanical problems and all the other good luck I can wish their way.

I took my vitamins this morning with my Green Smoothie. Usually that perks me up, but I can't seem to find the motivation I need to get moving. My head hurts from yesterday's beginnings of a migraine that started in Church. ugg
I have a cure which I carry with me at all times. When I see the sparkles on the outside of my eyes, I take two Excedrin, 1000 mg of Vitamin C and 16 oz of water. It stops the migraine from progressing further, but the sparklies continue to move their way across my field of vision until they have completed their course. They start on the outside of each eye and move inward until I feel cross-eyed, then finish at the middle of the eyes. It is no fun.

Wish me luck finding this house and readying it for a 3-year old and a 1 year old. They have their birthdays next month, so I will refer to them as the age they will be next month. It will be so fun to have them here. Guess I will start with the guest bedroom. That's always a good place to start.
onward and upward.

Tomorrow I head back to choir (a 5.5 hour round trip plus 2 hours of practice). Still not up for a big day of travel, but I have to start someplace.
hope your day is filled with sunshine and happiness. (it is supposed to get to 70 degrees here)



ZB said...

Ok, I am sending you happy thoughts and blessings… It is just a house… And you will feel so happy when it is clean!!! Just do what motivates you and the rest will follow! Cheer up Zeep. Wish I could hear from Mom! She was so happy to be on an adventure. Amazing woman!

Love you!

Mike said...

So sorry you are feeling blue. I will be praying for you! I hope you get over your headache soon, and have a wonderful week!

RisibleGirl said...

Awww, sweet friend, I'm sorry you're feeling blue and I'm doubly sorry for being away so long.

I promise that even though I haven't caught up in a while, you've been in my thoughts I mean that with all my heart.

When I'm blue and have a dirty house to clean, I turn the cable on to the 70's classics. I'm telling you, that music (turned up loud) is so fun that I end up cleaning more than I'd planned.

Off to read more of your posts!

xoxoxoxoxo plus some extras because you're feeling blue...


RisibleGirl said...

Oh, PS- I found this article and sent it to Heidi. I think you'll enjoy it too since you and ZB are close like we are:

What’s the secret to happiness?

According to a study by the University of Ulster, the answer is: having sisters!


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