Friday, April 17, 2009

This will bring a smile to your face

A friend sent me this link. I took four minutes to watch, and it made me smile.

I love that they dance around all the brief cases and back packs slung on the floor. This just made my day. Thanks Connie.


Together We Can said...

That was great!! Our babies bdays are a day apart. My mom and sister went down to K's room on Tuesday to see how she was doing. I think my son was about 4 hours old. Even though you are still bitter, it was a blessing for me to know to ask. I am sad that she didn't make it here for her race. All that hard work. I feel bad for her.

Emma said...

It did make me smile!

David said...

Wonderful video!
And thank you so much for your warm words on my post! It meant much to me, it truly did.

Your friend,


Grandma Cebe said...

You're welcome!


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