Thursday, February 12, 2009

An Honor

My blogger friend Heidi over at HiHoRosie said she had nominated me for this award. Wow, I have never been nominated for anything before. Well on my blog at least. I was nominated long, long ago for Homecoming Queen at my college, but I didn't make it, and student council in Jr. High, and executive secretary on our choir board. But that is it. So You made me feel special today, Heidi. Thank you!

The fun part of this award is you have to tell about 7 things that you love, and then nominate 7 other bloggers.

Like Heidi said, this is timely, because it is so close to Valentine's Day. So Here Goes:

1. My Husband and BEST FRIEND. He is my Hero. He gets up every.single.morning on the days he has to work, kisses me goodbye, in my sleep, and makes his way to work, lunch in hand. The best part is his attitude. He is always happy and if something doesn't go his way there, he finds a way to look on the bright side. He has even influenced a friend out there who was pretty sad there to find the good and they both keep each other happy. He is an amazing cook and makes the BEST whole wheat bread ever. I adore his beautiful blue eyes. And smile, and kisses, and sense of humor and. . .
. . .I could go on and on, but I don't want to bore everyone out there into shutting this off before they get to the last part.

2.My family. That includes all the children, in-law children, grand children, both moms (including the lady across the street who I have adopted as a mom), sisters, brother, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, and any of you out there that I have adopted as sisters, etc.

3.My teeny tiny little Muti (mother) who lives 500 miles away. She is so sweet to call me and talk. We have the best time talking on the phone. Her life is a gift and I enjoy her spunky nature and her love. She will be 88 this year and is still living on the farm, pulling all the hoses around, watering her huge yard which looks like a professionally landscaped park. Some of the trees are at least 100 years old. She still drives, and is always helping other people. What a darling little lady she is.

4.Life. I guess that should be second. I do LOVE LIFE.

5.My choir, and the friends I have there, including the director and his wife. I have made some sweet friends there, and it is worth the 2.5 hours one way to drive there in order to see them and sing the beautiful songs Sterling picks out for us to sing. He has taken us to Carnegie Hall and Austria for Mozart's birthday with this choir. It is amazing to me. I always say that this is the BEST music we have sung, and he manages to out-do himself on the next concert.

6.My internet friends. I have made some pretty sweet friends here. One sent me pecans from her trees in Tennessee, two sent me Christmas cards. I enjoy the people who take the time to visit and it is always fun to get comments.

7.My hobbies. I love to sew, sing, and anything artistic.

Now for the nominees: Envelope please. (ahem)

Mostly Risible- Lori's was the first blog I connected with when I entered the blogging world. Someone in another blog mentioned she was in Italy, so I imediately linked over. She was sending daily reports, pictures and everything. I was fascinated. She even told us what they had eaten, which restaurant, and had pictures of the place, her food and anything else she fancied. She has some pretty funny stories and great product reviews. I spent hours and days reading her past posts and none of them were a waste. Her blog kept me laughing, smiling and sometimes crying. I adore this lady. btw, her sis is HiHoRosie. Really, I sort of think secretly they are really my sisters.

Poop Happens- Janie. This lady is an amazing person. I first found her older blog, A stained-glass life. I read all her posts and was terribly sad when I realized she had quit writing. Later I found her latest site. She is a good writer and photographer. And a really sweet lady, who sent me pecans.

Artsy Craftsy Babe- This woman amazes me. She designs her own patterns, sews bags and sells them on her etsy site. She also has taken up knitting. She is a full-time wife and mother of three young ones and I wonder how she gets so much done. My hero. I hope to some-day to be just like her when I grow up. I purchased a purse from her etsy site. It is like owning a piece of art. I adore her.

5 Stringed Guitar- Dave, a man who went deaf because of some anti-biotic given him when he had pneumonia. He has a cochlear implant now and after 500 days off work, has headed back to the working world. He has a son, Guitar Boy and a very loved wife who has lukemia. I think she is in the hospital right now. He takes on life and his trials with such grace that he inspires me to look for my blessings and express gratitude.

Significant Snail- I'm not sure how I found Annette, I think through Lori's blog. When she came to read my blog, she recognized the mountain in my banner and said she had grown up under that mountain. We are hometown sisters. I enjoy reading her thoughts.

Crazy Mom Quilts- Amanda Jean blows me away. She will show you the fabric she bought yesterday, then two days later the quilt is done. She will show a quilt in the process of being quilted on her sewing machine, not a quilting machine, just a regular machine, and the next day it is done. If I didn't see this, I would think she was faking it. I don't know how she gets stuff done. She even blogs, which I would use as the reason I don't get my sewing done. ha ha.

Dreamdust- Sarah's humor is so great. She is a good photographer as well. I learned to know her through her crazy comments on Lori's blog. Almost every.single.comment she makes on Lori's blog makes me laugh out loud. I have to be careful not to be eating or drinking when I read Sarah's comments, or my keyboard and monitor are in danger. I have linked her up to my Rss feed because I don't want to miss a single post. This is probably my favorite of her posts. I just discovered it. She has such a charming accent and what a great humor.

Kay's Thinking Cap- Kay is a neat woman. She posts on politics, work, her beloved Buckeyes, and the most favored, Friday Groaner. I love puns, so I get a kick out of these.

Making this Home-Katie is living in Berlin but is from the US. Her blog tells of all the remodeling they are doing, and her adventures in a new country, learning to speak the language, recycle, finding her way around on a bike and many other things are fun to read about.

Don't count the number of nominees above or you will realize there are more than 7. It was hard to choose.

I had some other nominations in mind; namely my daughters-in-law and my daughters, sons and in-law sons, but mostly they are really private about everyone reading about their lives and families. Its sort of funny, because in Facebook they reveal everything about themselves.
I still nominate all you in my family because I LOVE your blogs, but I won't make a link here for all to see. OK?
And anyone else who would like to consider themselves nominated and play along, please feel free.
have a great day and a Happy Valentine's Day.


David said...

Thank you Annie, I am honored indeed. Your posts inspire me, and so it is special to get this from you, a favorite of mine.
It means much to me, it really does.



Amanda Jean said...

well, thank you so much! i appreciate your kind words. :0)

Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend, I'm glad that we are friends and lovers after all these years. They have been wonderful, and wonder filled years too. I'm always glad to come home to you.

Significant Snail said...

Aww! Thanks for the nomination! I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing what's going on in your world.

HiHoRosie said...

This was great Annie! So glad you participated - I knew you'd have a wonderful list to share. :) thanks for being one of my internet buddies. It's been fun getting to know.

Happy Valentines day!

HiHoRosie said...

I didn't finish my sentence (lol). It's been fun getting to know YOU!

Katie @ said...

Thank you for including me in this award. I hadn't heard of most of the blogs you included, so I've been checking them out. What fun!

MyCretanlife said...

Hi Annie just popped in again to see what you are up to. Enjoyed reading your posts. All them deers how lovely.

Together We Can said...

Thanks for the sweet kind comment. I can't take credit for it. It was DH's cousin who either began it or is paying it forward. I just think it is a great idea. Thanks for the kind words. I love you too.

Suzanne said...

Because I read your comment on your sidebar about comments being the best part of a blog, I'll go ahead and make one -- even though this is my first time on your blog and I am, by nature, rather shy... at least for first time encounters! Anywho, I came over from Twiddletails blog from the Scrappy Q post. Loved your list here -- I think mine would somewhat similar. I hope you don't mind if I add your blog to my favorites on my sidebar. After one look, I'm hooked! ;o)
- Suzanne

RisibleGirl said...

Boy am I late in responding to this! Thank you sweet friend. I'd forgotten how we found each other, but have since been so happy that we did.

Italy, that seems like years ago....


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