Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Stash

Oh! I am so excited. I got the prettiest fabric EVER! I have been purchasing fabric for future quilts lately, and when this arrived and I opened the package, I felt like SPRING had happened on my table. Aren't these fabrics just the pettiest?

The name of the fabric is Dancing with the Fairies, by Elinor Peace Baily. I am in LOVE!

They are all sorts of fairies and matching fabrics to go with them. I'm just itching to get started on these fabrics.
to be continued. . .
click on picture to enlarge.


Significant Snail said...

New fabric is such a wonderful feeling isn't it? All the possibilities...!

Emma said...

Lovely! Glad you found it!

Ash said...

Oh they are so pretty! And since you are such an amazing seamstress I am sure you will make good use of them and create a most beautiful something!
Love you!

Suzanne said...

Is there anything better than new fabric? Well, probably, but these are soooo lovely! Can't wait to see what you do with them.


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