Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome little one

Our latest grandson, Teo, just made his entrance to the world. Welcome Teo. We have been waiting for your entrance for a LONG time. How grateful we are for modern medicine.
You are such a sweet spirit, and your parents are so special. Your mom is such a special loved daughter, and she married a very sweet man, who you get as your dad.

Welcome to our family. You have been born to a very loving couple. They have waited for a long time for you to come, and they have longed for you and loved you long before you ever came. Your mom has babysat little nieces and nephews all these years and knows all about taking care of little ones. She is very capable. Your dad is a sweet man, and is very cute with children. They will provide a wonderful environment for you to grow.

Your extended family is a great group of people as well. You have grandparents and great grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, great aunts, uncles and second cousins who are all rejoicing at your arrival.
I am so excited to watch my daughter, your mom, become a mother. She will do a great job. Do you realize you look so much like her? I looked at baby pictures and I can't believe how very much you resemble her. Your sweet Dad is already teaching you Spanish and reading you books.  

You are lucky to be born in such a happy family who loves the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and honors the Priesthood. You will be raised in a sweet environment that will help you gain a testimony. I can't imagine life any better. God bless you as you begin this new life. May it be long and happy.

Welcome sweet new one.


Anonymous said...

sweet face -- sooooo sweet!

Significant Snail said...

How sweet - your new baby and your wonderful comments!

grandmarockton said...

Blessings to the WHOLE FAMILY doesn't get any better than a new baby to LOVE!


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