Sunday, October 3, 2010


warning: religious content

On the first Saturday and Sunday of the months of April and October our church broadcasts General Conference. This is such a sweet and wonderful respite from our daily activities. We love to take the time and listen to all four two-hour broadcasts. If there is a reason we miss one, we can now tune in and listen again, or download to our Ipods or other media players.

This afternoon, our youngest and his family traveled to be with us. We prepared chicken, biscuits and gravy, fresh sliced garden tomatoes to feed them. Because my dining room table is filled with a quilt I am working on, we washed the picnic table in our back yard and set it. Because it was so close to the 2:00 pm Conference Session, we set up the laptop outside, linked by wifi to the internet, and watched while we finished dinner.

I feel so blessed to be able to receive this on our television. My children in Colorado are able to hook up via internet and receive it live as well. One son traveling to Kansas today was able to link up to the Salt Lake's KSL radio via his phone while they traveled!!! How amazing is this modern age?

I remember when we were a young married couple with small children living in western Colorado we were lucky to receive even one hour of conference on radio or television.

Since we moved to Utah, we are able to receive it right here in our living room. It is such a sweet peaceful time to gather in the front room as a family and enjoy the words of the Prophet and Apostles of the Lord.

One tradition we established was every Sunday conference, we made some yummy muffins that after they were baked were dipped in melted butter and cinnamon and sugar. The kids called the Conference Muffins and after they were married, they all called, and asked for the Conference Muffin recipe. Sorry Betty Crocker, your muffins have been renamed.

Another tradition was conference bingo. The kids had bingo cards with pictures of various things commonly spoken about during conference, such as prophet, temple, etc. They marked them with Easter egg M&M's in the spring and Halloween M&M's in the fall. 

It has been a peaceful and uplifting weekend. It was fun to have our youngest and his sweet family come for the afternoon.

I hope your weekend was sweet too.



Sailor said...

Nice post, Friend. It was a good weekend. A day with grandkids is pretty much always a good day.

Janet said...

So fun! Love you,

Ash said...

It was so fun to come! You are Atreyu's favorite person you know. Do you happen to have a picture of just you and Atreyu you could send to me? That would be awesome. That's for having us!

AmberLee said...

biscuits and gravy and garden tomatoes, oh yum.

the weekend sounds like heaven. there's nothing like general conference streaming in and family to share it with.


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