Monday, March 8, 2010


I always thought to stitch on top of a quilt, or to quilt it, was a matter of putting ties or stitches together to hold the front, back and batting together. That was the only purpose of quilting. Until yesterday. Natalia  over at PieceNQuilt blows me away! I am so impressed by her I barely have words to express my astonishment.

She started with two layers of fabric, a backing, batting and a front. The front was one white panel that was vertical, and the other 2/3 of the quilt was horizontal stripes of brown, pink and shades in between. Opposite the white vertical piece was a narrower brown vertical stripe. The back was a solid pink. This is what the customer brought to her.

She inquired if she could add applique. On the white piece, she added four large daisies, pink with brown centers. On the bottom, she added the initials of the couple getting married and their wedding date, 3-13-10.

Then she went to work on her long-arm quilter and came up with the most astounding, beautiful, amazing, stunning piece of work I have ever seen in a quilt! You have to press on the two links: this shows the front, this shows the back. See how she turned a plain pink back into a piece of art work? This link shows the detail of her amazing quilting.

She used white and pink thread and what a difference it makes on the back!

I have just been exposed to a whole new way to make a quilt! I thought it all had to do with the way you sewed millions of pieces together to create a picture. She created a picture with thread.

Go visit her blog and see what a talented lady she is. I am so impressed and inspired.



Sailor said...

That is pretty amazing work. Looking for a solution outside of the box. She did a great job.

SewCalGal said...

Wonderful post. I agree Natalia is very talented....and I'd love her to quilt any of my quilts! Thanks for sharing insight on Natalia, and ultimately increasing more awareness on such a talented person.


sewa mobil said...

wow great post and great advice. I tend to only read the blogs that I find interesting .
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