Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pulled Hamstring

I don't know if I have mentioned it here on the blog, but my friends are aware. I have been hobbling around for 7 weeks with this thing and it is painful.

Last week I went to see the doctor for the annual check-up. Among other things, he asked me if I had any health concerns. I mentioned the sty in the eye, gone awry and the hamstring.

He is sending me to an eye doctor for the sty, and gave me some exercises for the hamstring:

1. warm with heat pad
2. walk on treadmill for 20 minutes at a slow pace. Since it has been months since I last got onto that thing, I started at 2mph, but by the second week it is up to 2.5 and even 3
3. warm with heat pad again, then stretch.
a) lay on back pull thigh to chest and slowly stretch leg towards ceiling, flexing the foot. Bring back down folding the knee and do again. All this slowly, but hold for a good 10 seconds. (the folding is what kills me)
b) sit on floor with back to wall and stretch hands towards flexed feet
c) stand and touch toes. I am so flexible, I can touch my toes and place my palms on the floor, so this isn't such a hard one for me.
4. back to the treadmill for 20 more minutes, this time pushing it a little faster
5. back to the heat pad and the stretches once more

Following doctor's orders almost to the letter, (I admit I haven't made it to the treadmill every.single.day)I have been determined to make this work. I am sick of limping like an old lady every time I stand up after a prolonged ride or meeting.

That afternoon, I began to do what he had said to do, and found myself in tears as I tried to bend my knee back to my chest. It was killing me and so I called the doctor and talked to his nurse. She asked me if I had taken the muscle relaxer, and I said I hadn't because it said I would get drowsy. I wanted to accomplish something besides sleep and exercise. So they called in a prescription of Lortab. That makes you sleepy as well, but i cut it in half. (I had tried all the OTC drugs and nothing helped at all!)

The lortab helped and the muscle relaxer did in the night.

Its been a week and I am feeling much better now.
just wanted you to know, in case someone else out there is suffering from the same thing.

as Martha would say

Its a good thing



Sailor said...

Yea for you! I am glad you are feeling better, I know it has been a painful experience.

ZB said...

I am so sorry Annie.. How crappy!!!

I found a good acupuncturist / chiropractor… I had been hobbling around over a year with problems in my piriformis, a sharp pain that even wakes you up sleeping…one treatment and it was better! How I love alternative medicine!!! I need to go back as it takes time to get it strong again… but such a difference she made! Maybe I should get you an appointment when you come? She is in Denver though!

Anonymous said...

So thrilled -- the hamstring is getting better!! Since our last phone call I got to thinking about this problem you were having and wantEd to ask you then but it slipped my mind again .. Glad for an update! Kristeen (The Gough Inn) kandgough@gmail.com


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