Saturday, July 25, 2009

This and That

I stole this title from my sweet friend, Mostly Risible. Her blog sometimes just covers several topics, and similarly, mine does as well.

  • This video on You Tube just made me laugh till I cried.

  • Today Sailor changed the oil on all three vehicles. While he did that, I vacuumed, washed windows and detailed the insides. He then gave them a quick wash and we have three shiny, newly cleaned and oiled machines out front.

  • Well, we actually have four. We inherited Charles De Mar*. That is the name of the little white Neon we purchased and gave to Katie while she was in college. We purchased it back from her later (I know, her dad is a real softy) and gave it to Daniel after his mission.
*A character from the movie, Better Off Dead

Now Daniel and Ashley are expecting their second baby. They were able to purchase his older brother's mini van and no longer need Charles.

Charles is not trained. In fact, poor Charles never needs an oil change because he leaks it all the time. The driver needs to put in more oil than gas, I think. You can see the trail of oil coming all the way down from Main Street to where he was parked. We picked him up on Friday and drove him home. We are not too sure what will happen next, but for now, Charles languishes by the front curb. Plans are to dig into his innards to see just what makes him leak sometime when Dan can come down to help.

  • I made a new desert. After vacuuming and washing windows, and spending time out in the hot sunshine, we were both a bit too warm and tired. A Leo's shake came to mind, but then we have to suffer from that serving of steaming hot guilt that comes with it, so I offered to make something that is more healthy. Here's the recipe:
freshly frozen apricots, freshly frozen bananas+ Champion Juicer= ice cream. The juicer is an amazing machine that takes frozen things and grinds them up into really good ice cream. It was sweet enough, but if desired you can add some stevia. It comes in sugar-like form and is called Truvia.

  • We have been eating zucchini from the garden for a week now. Our favorite way is to stir fry in olive oil or butter with an onion, add a bit of Parmesan cheese, sour cream, sesame sea salt and garlic salt. yum.
  • We have also been harvesting some tomatoes. It is always nice to have some cherry tomatoes. I have some that when ripe are yellow. They are so sweet. I like to graze outside while I am watering. We also got a variety called grape tomatoes. They grow all together, almost like grapes and are the same shape.
  • We also have eaten all the broccoli already. If you chop off the heads, then they will try to grow more flowerettes, so we just let it grow and harvest more later.
  • I went to Mom's Crafts today. They were having a 15% off sale. I purchased some really pretty fabric that I intend to make into the double wedding ring pattern. That one is a challenge but I intend to have one of these for myself. More pictures later.
I guess that is all for now. Have a nice Sabbath, time for bed for me.

I guess that is all for now. It has been a nice day.


Sailor said...

That banana/apricot frozen fruit concoction was GREAT!

HiHoRosie said...

Yeah, what Sailor said...although, haven't tried it yet but sounds d-lish!


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