Friday, July 24, 2009

My Version of a 9 Patch Quilt

Well, not really. I joined the second round of Crazy Mom Quilts Nine Patch challenge. the challenge is to sew one block a day.

I loved the idea of taking out a little part of my day and just sit down and sew. I admire all these people in the blog world who accomplish so very much. It is because of several traits they have that I don't. One, they are tenacious. They sit down and work on their projects. Two, they spend less time on the computer than I do. I decided that I have to get myself a laptop and only allow myself to surf the web while I am on the treadmill walking or something like that.

I know a habit is formed in about 21 days. If you make time for the habit you are trying to form, whether it be exercise, reading scriptures, saying prayers, cleaning the kitchen (making that sink shine) , or any other improvement in your life, it takes commitment. Baby steps. Start with something small. Just make sure your sink is clean before bed. Just read ONE verse in your scriptures. Just one nine patch a day.

As I thought about which fabrics I would use for my nine patch quilt, I thought about my own Tumbling Blocks quilt that is all cut out and awaiting me to piece them together.

So, Amanda Jean, at, this is MY Version of the nine-patch quilt. I am committed to cleaning out my UnFinished Objects (UFO's) before I commit myself to yet another thing.

I will do more than 9 patches, mine requires 12 to make one block. I LOVE this fabric and the Tumbling Block pattern.

My goal, eventually is to outfit each guest room with a queen-sized memory foam mattress, new soft sheets and two quilts. I want a soft wintery/Christmasy one and a light weight summer one.

I've ordered the sheets, Sailor built one bed so far, and this is my effort to make a beautiful quilt to put on one of those beds. We have three guest rooms that I have to redo.

One baby step at a time. Wish me luck.
Oh and by the way, I am trying to improve myself with all the habits I have listed above. Not only do I need you to wish me luck, but I need encouragement and probably all your prayers.

Now back to work. I cannot spend too much time on the computer. I am serious about getting a laptop and limiting my time on the computer by only allowing myself to surf the web as I walk on the treadmill. I will have to modify the treadmill so it holds a computer, but I think Sailor would be able to do that. Don't you think, Honey? (love you Friend)

have a happy and productive day


Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend, very nice color combinations. You are quite the collector of colors. Very pretty.

Kay Dennison said...

Beautiful, Annie!!!!! You are so gifted.


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