Sunday, April 26, 2009

Soft Rain part 2

We have been enjoying a rare week of rain here in the West Desert. The rains we do get make you want to go outside and dance in it. I love the thunder, I love the rain, I LOVE Spring. It reminded me once again of one of my most favorite songs we sang in my choir.
Some time ago I posted about Soft Rain. I finally figured out how to upload it to You Tube and updated the post by embedding them into my blog.
So if you want to watch our choir sing, it is in two parts. The only camera we had was a Canon Sure Shot camera which would only allow a three-minute movie. The song is more like five minutes, so I had to post in two parts. But if you watch the words, we only miss one stanza.


ZB said...

Well our “soft rain” turned into snow since 11 last night. I love the weather though, if it only did not hurt my body I would be dancing in the snow! Pretty song. I am so glad you are singing away. Patrick found a new song for me to sing… Have a beautiful day! Look at your Boulder cam…

Love you

Louis said...

from there is a soft rain today in the east, and it reminds me of the song I enjoyed in the philippines as a missionary. I looked for it on line today, and found your posting. I'm far from the church now, but a few things I still cherish, like this song soft rain. The version I had was by the mormon youth symphony and chorus, it was on a cassette tape that i've long lost. were you ever able to find a recording of it available for sale on the internet? Thanks.

Louis Johnson
Willseyville, NY

Anonymous said...

Hi! I just left a post attached to your other blog posting re: this song. Then would you believe it, I found the music online!

For anyone interested...



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