Thursday, February 5, 2009


I just got this in the mail the other day, and today I tried it for the first time. It has become my new favorite. It comes with 5 DVDs and a band to use when you do strength training.
I have been using her Walk Away the Pounds, 3 mile video, but decided I wanted to step up my pace, so to speak. In the video we walked 3 miles in 45 minutes. In this new DVD you go 4 miles in the same time.
In the strength training one, you work all your arm, leg, stomach and back muscles. The band gives you resistance, which can be grasped at a shorter length for stronger resistance, or a longer length for less resistance.
Even if you take the less impact route (she has two people who don't jog, but continue to step to the beat) she has you glistening with sweat. She constantly reminds you to stand straight and suck in your belly button.
During these really cold days, when you don't feel much like going out in the freezing air and icy streets, this is a life saver. I wish I'd had these when I had little ones at home because it is hard to leave them or bring them along. This way, if they feel like joining mommy, they have a wonderful example to follow the rest of their lives.
This getting into shape is always a struggle for me. I battle it every single day, and so far, haven't experienced the euphoria people talk about. All those endorphins still allude me, and it is my goal to get to a place where I crave and look forward to my sessions. I think with Leslie, I might just have a winner, with all the variations she presents.
The link I provided is to one of the Ebay auctions which I lost. If you look toward the top of the page, the seller has listed new items just like the one I got. I tried for two days to just bid the $13.00 that is the starting bid, thinking others who came across this one would move to another one and make their own bid, but for some reason, twice in a row, someone came in at the last minute and outbid me. One paid $15.00 for it even though they could have just looked for another one and bid the "buy it now" price of $14.50. I got impatient and just bid for a different one on the "buy it now" option and got it sent to me already. I wanted to get into shape, not win an auction.
I have found the less experienced bidders, with a lower number beside their name don't "get it." The winner had an (8) beside her name, which means she has won 8 auctions so far. I usually just give up on a particular auction if I see someone like that has determined to win that item, they will just keep going, in spite of the fact that they are paying more than they need to.
Sorry, that is my soap box opinion, having nothing to do with the health post which I intended on doing today.
I hope you have a very healthy and happy day!

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