Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Bday to me

So far it has been a wonderful birthday.
My daughter and her husband, D3 and SIL3 etched my last name into the bottom of a casserole dish, so when you look at it from the top, it says our last name and est 1974. It makes a great dish to bring to Church parties, because it always gets back to you.
Then this morning, sweet Sailor took me on a walk and took me through some weight training exercises (which I HATE) but which will help me to get to my goal weight next year on my birthday.

Sailor just showed up with a dozen, long-stemmed, red and white roses. How Sweet.
My sweet children have all either called or texted and I got to talk to four of my sweet grandchildren. Plus my mom, sister and brother all called me. What more could I ask? Only one thing, that sweet Lori comes through with her biopsy with flying colors and her job is still in tact. Both things fell on one day.

love you all


RisibleGirl said...

Thank you my sweet friend and sister in spirit. You're so sweet to think of me on YOUR birthday. I don't think I'll EVER forget that December 1st is your birthday because it's a day that will change my life forever.

You know what? I know that the news from this day will change my life in a good way, just like you have.

I'm blessed beyond imagination and I'm so happy that I understand how blessed that I am.

Happy birthday, dear Annie!

Together We Can said...

Happy, Happy Birthday A. I hope you continue having a wonderful day! It sounds like it has been pretty great thus far. Love you.

Sailor said...

Happy Birthday Dear Annie,
Yes, I know that it is a number you don't like very well, but celebrating it means you are still here and as the numbers get bigger, it will just mean that we have been lucky enough to be together for another year. Each year has been an adventure, and a blessing. Love you much.

Kay Dennison said...

Happy Birthday, Annie!!!!!!!!! May you have many more!!!!!!

Wanna know where I was 34 years ago today?

I was giving birth to my first child!!!! That bouncing baby boy is getting old!!!!!! LOL

And now that I know you two share a birthday, hopefully I'll remember!!!!

Significant Snail said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Even if it is a day late (!!) This just means that you get to extend the celebration ;)


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