Monday, October 6, 2008


This week was General Conference weekend for our Church, so we get to stay home and watch the talks sent over satellite to our television instead of attending church. This happens twice a year, once in April, once in October. We look forward to these weekends and quite enjoy sitting in our front room and hearing all the talks.
Sailor made bread and canned a bunch of stuff on Saturday while listening. I embroidered two pillowcases. I have had these pre-stamped pillowcases in my sewing room for a long time and decided they needed to be on the guest beds, not taking up space in my work room.

It was a really restful weekend.

Sailor is home today. He started his 4-day, 10-hour work week and is so happy. The start of his shift was to have the day off. He will have every Monday off until the first of the year. Then he moves to Fridays off.

To "celebrate" my Sweetest Friend fixed my dryer. A wire to the door had vibrated until it wore through the insulation and sparked. Of course with a 15-something-year-old dryer, there was lots of lint to catch fire. When the wire sparked, it shut the dryer off (door opens, dryer stops) so the smoking eventually stopped as well. I am glad all that lint didn't just keep burning. YIKES!
After he fixed it, I vacuumed every crevice and nook I could find. So she is like new now! Yea!
Thanks for all your advice on your dryers. I took the poll off my blog as well.

To start the day, we took a walk/run. Wow, it has been a month since I have done any exercise and my poor leg tells me about it now. After the run, we gathered some dandelion leaves and I made a double smoothie for breakfast, with water, a peach, bananas, blueberries, protein powder, carrots and strawberries. It took all morning to finish it, but it was delicious.

We had some unexpected company drop in on their way from California to Ohio. Susan was Sailor's boss back in college. A very nice, lady. She has found a friend, Ernie, who has lived with her for 10 years now and they are very great together. We took them out to eat at Leo's (a local hamburger joint) and he had the Pastrami sandwich. The rest of us had the Leo's burger (beef patty, ham, swiss cheese, mushrooms, pickles, fry sauce, tomatoes) with sour cream fries. mmmmm

It was a great visit. Then they headed on their way east. And we headed back to the house. Sailor finished the dryer, I vacuumed and contemplated what to make, for me to wear, for the upcoming Gala. I made Sailor a long fringed vest with tie-dyed edging. I have ordered platform shoes and peace signs, but still cannot figure out what I should wear.

We were both so worn out from a combination of the exercise this morning, my cold, and restless night last night, we both took a nap. Then Sailor heated up some great homemade chicken soup with barley. We finished off the great homemade bread he made the other day. He ground the wheat and made 100% whole wheat bread with fennel seeds inside and topped with sesame seeds. It is really hearty.

My cough seems to be loosing up, I wonder if that run was actually good for it? I might be able to go to choir tomorrow after all. . . but then again.

How's that for a great day/weekend?

Hope yours was great too.



Sailor said...

It was a GREAT weekend Friend, and wonderful to spend it with you. I love your embroidery - very colorful and pretty. Keepsakes for sure.

RisibleGirl said...

I used to embroider while listening to General Conference. I've found that if I'm doing something with my hands, I listen better. I still find that when I'm in conference calls. if I'm home, I'll dust or wipe down counters or something, so I pay better attention.

Your embroidery is just beautiful!


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