Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Amazing product

My blogger friend, Mostly Risible used to have a post she did called Product Review Sunday. I loved to read what new items she had discovered. Her endorsement means more, since I trust her. She always advised that she was not getting paid.

In her same spirit, I want to tell about the Dog Collar that Sailor bought on Ebay. If you click on the link you will notice the guy sells neck ties and dog collars. I wonder if that has any relationship to one another. . .

On to the review:
As you know we have 8 dogs next door. Mostly it is one dog who barks. The rest are older and they lose enthusiasm when someone else is doing the work. They happily let the youngest one do the work. So each time the neighbors got a new puppy, it was the youngest who got the job of protecting the yard from neighbors who go get carrots out of the garden, school children walking home from school and cats out for a stroll. And we heard about Day and night the dogs barked until the owners would have mercy on us and take them inside for the night.

Mostly the dogs learned. We would soak them with the hose, day and night when they just drove us nuts. We built a fence. It mostly shut up the newest (3-year old) dog. But then he decided he needed more entertainment. That is what we were. Entertainment. So he took to standing on the picnic table on his hind legs. I realized this when I went outside and suddenly realized he was announcing every move. I looked up to see his head popping over the fence! Ohmygosh!

The neighbor moved the picnic table away from the fence. Then he said he noticed him standing on his hind legs on the table, balancing for a minute or two and barking. But that got old quickly. the next ploy was to dig a grand canyon on their side of the fence.

Again I noticed he was announcing my every move. I looked up to see his eyes and nose UNDER the fence. Sailor filled it up with cement and that seemed to calm things, but he still found us so entertaining, he wanted to play and so he barked.

Neighbors talked about buying a shock collar when they got enough money. But the cheapest they could find was $50 with remote controls and bells and whistles. I even offered to help. I was willing to pay $100 for some peace and quiet. The neighbors were just as exasperated as we were. Sailor went inside and found this one on ebay. It had two minutes left, so we got it for 3.99 plus 8.99 shipping. It seemed rather high for shipping but when it arrived, it was from Hong Kong, so I guess that isn't terrible.

He has some listed at that price, then he has some at $14.99 + free shipping. So it all equalizes in the end. It works like this:

At the 1st bark the Bark Terminator applies a short warning tone. If a 2nd bark occurs within 30 seconds a more intense tone is sounded along with a short mild shock. If you dog barks a 3rd time both the tone and shock are made more intense. This pattern is repeated through 5 correction levels. If your dog continues to bark through all 5 levels, the most intense sound and shock are applied after each bark until your pet stops for 30 seconds or more. After 30 seconds or quiet, the Bark Terminator automatically resets to the 1st tone only, level of correction. When your dog forgets and bark again, the warning tone reminds your pet without immediately applying painful stimulus.

We presented it to them yesterday. They felt guilty we had to buy them a shock collar, but we don't feel bad, it was cheap, and it works. I went out to the back yard after my run yesterday to pull some carrots for my smoothie. I heard the following:

ruff ruff (beeeeeeeeeeeeep)
ruff ruff (beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep) yip!

then nothing. He is really a smart dog. They said he was pretty much trained by the evening.
Like I said before, when one takes the responsibility to guard, the remainder take a rest. Since Obnoxious Dog was not daring to bark, Stupid Shepherd decided it was his responsibility. They moved the collar to him.

tonight riding our bikes past, we heard a repeat of the barking/beeping sequence. They have learned to count to two.

I think my husband's feedback says it all.
Shipped quick , wrapped well, keeps the neighbors dog quiet...... priceless



HiHoRosie said...

Yucky you had a barky dog next door. Would've drove me nuts too! Glad the collar seems to be working.

Thanks for the Primary b-day song! How sweet! Of course, now I have that going thru my head. That song always cracked me up when my name was mentioned. :)

RisibleGirl said...

I had to buy one of those for my yappy dog. It was funny because she learned to bark quietly. It really was hilarious to listen to. It sounded more like "muff muff" in almost a whisper. I guess she just had lots of things to say. tee hee.


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