Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is asking bloggers to leave a comment with a link to their blog on this post about how to create a blog. She's going to sift through all the blogs and select a few to feature on her blog The Martha Blog. It'll be interesting to see what types of blogs she'll feature, what range of topics they cover, and if they are already well known blogs or as yet undiscovered treasures.
Sometimes contests are fun to enter.

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RisibleGirl said...

I have no illusions that I'd be chosen, but even so, there's no way I'd enter because it would make it easy for my employer to find me. I do everything I can to remain anonymous but still allow people to see the real me.

Although it isn't against the rules to be a blogger, I suspect that writing about my job (which I do from time to time) WOULD be frowned upon if I were to suddenly be 'outed'.

I saw a news report on CNN today where they were interviewing someone from my company. She said her name, showed her face and I thought to myself, "are you crazy?" "You are just asking to be fired."


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