Friday, August 1, 2008

August Exercise

August 1 ~ no exercise~ Just plain lazy. I could use the excuse of exhaustion from getting in at 3:00 the morning of the 31st, but I think I already played that card yesterday. Other excuse: Finishing a wedding dress for the bride. But I really thought I was ready to try it on her and just goofed most of the day away, doing other things, getting distracted until around 3. When I realized all the ribbon had to be hand-sewn onto the dress before I could install the zipper. So I worked mostly on it in the evening.
August 2~ no exercise~ Today was Scotty's wedding in Salt Lake. He married a darling Russian girl, he met at BYU who is 11 years his junior. My son was his best man. They have been friends since they were 5. We left home fairly early, because it started at 11:45 and with traffic, etc, it is a +/-3 hour drive. We stayed there all day and attended a fabulous reception at a Russian Restaurant.
I finally met the bride at 10 pm in a South Salt Lake Albertson's restroom. I came prepared with a sheet to cover the floor. It fit like a glove, and brought tears to everyone's eyes. Even though she paid me, those tears, hugs and happiness makes me even richer.

August 3~Sunday no exercise~ Got home around 2:30 am, didn't fall asleep until around 4. Exhaustion all day. Tube leak at work, Sailor had to leave for a graveyard at 6 pm.
August 4~ walked 3.47 miles, for 1 1/4 hours. Procrastinated by blogging for two hours, then finally bit the bullet. It is still in the 100's here and the sun was in full force by 10 am. But at least I did it. Heidi used the word "Conquering" in her blog, and that is a good word to use. One day at a time, conquering the foe. Started day 1 of the push up routine. Joined Raw-fu
August 5~ walked 3.35 miles, for 1 1/2 hours. Got to the tree before Lyman house, ran/walked to Stevenson's but walked the entire rest of the way. (got a blister on my right heel.)
I took a Melatonin last night before bed and was so wiped out today, just had a terrible time waking up. (I had been taking it before, but laid off for a few days and did fine.) I think I will just quit taking them. I think just the few days of eating raw foods has already changed me a bit.

August 6~ no exercise. Because of blister on foot, and very tender legs, I didn't go. I will do the day 2 of the push ups. I noticed my muscles talking to me last night. I guess it is working. . .
August 7~no exercise. pain in back of leg/knee kept me awake until I put a heat pad on it and propped it up with a pillow.
August 8~no exercise, forgot to do day 3 of push up. Still in pain, almost too painful to put weight on leg. Seeing Howard today. Howard diagnosed problem as ham string problem. Gave me stretches to do before and after exercise.
August 9~ 5.25 miles 1.5 hours. did stretch exercise from Howard. They really help. day 3 of push up. Walked/ran track. nice breeze from south kept me a bit cooler. Sunshine and a black running outfit don't work together very well to keep a person cool. wore different socks, no blister. At lap six, did stretches and again at lap 13, which was when my hamstring began to give me pain. Was able to continue with laps. The sides of my foot are hurting. (to do with pronating and the inserts in my shoes, I guess). So far in 9 days I have exercised 3. :(
August 10~Sunday no exercise Went to see our newest grand daughter. Ate dinner with parents and visited and held that little sweetie for about 3 hours. She is so very sweet.
August 11~bicycled 8.13 miles. Week 2~ Day 1 push up. Started with same number of curls ~10 pound dumbbells
August 12~no exercise. Got up at 5:15, intending on heading out when Sailor left for work.I felt awful this morning, coughing, congested, exhausted. It came on really fast. So I took some Musinex and Cold Snap, some herb tea and laid back down. Was awakened at 10:30 by a phone call. I am now drinking some fresh squeezed OJ, but I think I will lie back down. My head hurts.
Didn't feel like getting outside, so I tried a different tactic.
August 13~Slim in Six~Start It Up 25 minutes pedometer says 404 steps (working toward 10,000 steps), .191 dis, 249 c. This is an all-over type of program. Tried GT. Week 2~ Day 2 same number of curls ~10 pound dumbbells push up. Weighed and was terribly disappointed to find I had gained 5 lbs.
August 14~no exercise except to clean. New pedometer. 3947 steps=1.868 miles=243.3 cal. Baby girl born to D3! sweet
August 15~sewed today~3348 steps=1.585 mi=206.4 cal. ate mostly veggies+ protein
August 16~cleaned, laundry~4871 steps=2.306 miles=300.2 cal. Ate out with Howard's. I had jumbo breaded shrimp and baked potato.
August 17~Sunday
August 18~did day 1 wk 3 push ups. Steve (author of site) sent me workout for dumbbells. Did some.
August 19~no exercise~went to Choir picnic in SL. 3932 steps=1.862 mi=242.5 cal. Got to meet J's baby. So sweet.
August 20~walked/ran 4.63 mi in 1:10 min (15 min mile~slow) wore pedometer says I did 3.06 mi contrary to Ipod gadget. purchased the insert for soul of shoe for Ipod. really neat gadget. counts miles, time and announces it every 5 min, then sums it up in the end.7170 steps=3.394=442 cal
August 21~preparing for company. Didn't add pedometer until 10:30, been up 4 hours. Trouble with embroidery machine. grrr.I have so much to do
August 22~4.85 miles 1h07m~today I went as fast as 8:14. average pace 13.51 767 cal.Pedometer readout: 4645 steps=2.34 miles=286.3 cal I love this new ipod+. It keeps me going when otherwise I might want to stop. I went three telephone poles past Lymans. This means I have around 4 more to go and I will reach the Sutherland Bridge, which is where I used to run every day. I am getting there, slowly.
August 23~busy getting ready for company, which came tonight
August 24~Sunday, blessed baby Kollette
August 25~4.64mi, 1:08:06hrs, 14:40min/mi, 733 cal
August 26~rest, company, no dumbbells
August 27~leg cramps last night, kept me awake. Finally took some carisoprodol, from an old perscription, a muscle relaxer, used with training and physical therapy
August 28~company left. :( The house is totally quiet and really messy. I guess I will go about cleaning, and looking for lost things. Among them a check from my sewing client. RATZ $31.00
August 29~
August 30~
August 31~


HiHoRosie said...

Certainly don't feel bad over missed exercise. You've been extremely busy and to me that counts! It's not like you had much of a choice. Now if you were sitting on your hiney like me then we'll talk. :)

Oh and I love local farmer's markets too. Such good stuff there. Including tempting kettle corn! Well, the one I went to did. ;)

Congrats to Scotty and his new wife! And congrats to you for making a wedding dress. Whew!

RisibleGirl said...

Exercise? What's that? Exercise has not been on my repertoire for way too long. About a year, I believe.

Good for you for even trying with all the things you have going on.


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