Thursday, June 19, 2008

Humanitarian Newborn Kits

The following is mostly for my own record. I keep losing the handouts given me at Relief Society.
This is an amazing way to make a quick receiving blanket. The specifications for the receiving blankets for the humanitarian newborn kits for the LDS Church say between 36" to 45" square. These make easy and darling gifts.
This is a link to the humanitarian site that gives you patterns and other specifications should you feel so inclined to donate or organize your own humanitarian project.
I am going to make my blankets 36" then use the remainder of the fabric to make little matching booties.
We had a young man as our guest speaker last night. He and his friend decided to do humanitarian work in Tonga where his friend served his mission and in Tijuana where Dallas had served his mission. It was on the plane going to Tonga that they met a Channel 5 reporter, Carol Mikita who did a story on his humanitarian work. After that publicity, the LDS Church's Wards and Stakes started asking him to come talk to their congregations about the work. It was while he was in St. George, preparing to do a Fireside, that he had an accident while long-boarding down a hill. The accident turned his life upside down and he almost lost his life, but miraculously he recovered. He has to have help walking, someone walking in front of him while he shuffles, but he is doing so well, that seems like nothing compared to what everyone thought would happen. They didn't think he would make it through the night that first night, and he was in a coma for 6 weeks.
He says he can remember everything that was said and who was there that whole time, so don't ever think when someone is in a coma they can't hear you. When my sister was in a coma, she remembers the doctors standing beside her bed and saying quietly that they didn't think she would make it, and she remembers mom coming in and saying to her, "DON'T YOU GIVE UP. That is basically the reason she rallied and came back, was mom "pestering" her as she puts it, every hour.

Anyway, for now, Dallas is recovering and is amazingly positive about all that has happened to him. He is determined to go back and continue with this work with his friend. He inspired me to do more.



HiHoRosie said...

Incredible story of Dallas. Thanks for sharing.

Can't wait to see your future creations. :)

RisibleGirl said...

What a neat idea! There's an organization that creates little outfits and blankets for babies that were born too prematurely and unfortunately died. I've often thought of making things for that organization. Just knowing that something I made brought someone comfort would be a good feeling.

Do show off your creations! I'm always amazed at what you do!


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