Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My darling Granddaughter wrote some poems and she gave them to me in her handwriting. She is my S1's oldest daughter.
These poems are precious. And I told her that I would put them on my blog. She was excited about that.
She is so amazing for only being 6 years old. So without further adieu. . .
The first is called "Snow"


When she read that to me, I was amazed a tiny girl her age is writing poetry.

the second one is called "Sky"


Sky is blue
Sky is green
Sky is pretty

You've seen
Sky is blue
Sky is red
Is Sky purple?
ask your dad.

I saved the "Best" for last. . .
I will write it exactly how she wrote it. She did this on purpose:


am the Best

am the Best
or outer.

But am not
the Best

btw. She is only in 1st grade, and around Christmas her parents learned she is reading at the top level of a 2nd grader who is about to graduate to 3rd grade. Thank goodness for a great school and teacher who is willing to continue to challenge her. Unlike my D1's 2nd grade teacher.

D1 was reading words at age 3. She was reading scriptures with expression so well, by the age of 5 we gave her the Bible we had purchased to give to her on her 8th birthday. She was reading Little House on the Prairie-type books by 1st grade. When I approached the teacher in 2nd grade, asking him to give her harder books, he said he was not allowed. She had to twiddle her thumbs and wait for the class to catch up. It took clear until she was a junior in HS before it caught up with her. She is still very intelligent, I don't think that goes away, just because the teachers don't comply. I quite enjoy her enthusiasm for life and learning.

But to my little grand daughter and to her mom and dad, I salute you. It is such a fun adventure to watch these sweet children grow and become amazing people, isn't it?


Sailor said...

That was fun, Friend. I had forgotten those poems. I am glad that you remembered.

Madelyn said...

Dear Grandma I am so happy you put my poems on your blog I love you

Love madelyn

RisibleGirl said...

How sweet! And how sweet to get a comment from your talented grandaughter!

I received my first handmade gift from my 4 y/o soon to be grandson. A hand painted ceramic mug. You could tell that he paid careful detail to it at first, and then he got tired of the whole thing. On one side- it's cute little polkadots in different colors. On the other side it's a big ol' mess.

I have it sitting proudly at my desk at work.



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