Monday, March 3, 2008

Alfred Hitchcock returns with Birds 2

Today I awoke with a start. There was noise coming from the corner of my ceiling. I recognized it at once as the same birds who had established a home in my attic last spring.

Those Starlings made such an awful mess in my attic last year that it took most of a day in a hot attic to clean. There were bird droppings everywhere near the area where they lived. They took to playing on the boxes near by, and scattering sticks, feathers, more droppings and other debris all over the place. They are a messy lot, those Starlings, and I wasn't about to let this happen again.

"OH NO YOU DON'T" I said, rising up from my bed and throwing on my clothes, setting a new world record for quick change artists.

I quickly donned my coat and gloves, and armed with a hammer, some boards and nails, I got a ladder and ventured to the corner of the house. As I climbed the ladder up to the hole under the eves, I realized with dismay that the whole project was especially designed for someone who favors the sinister hand. Call me clumbsy, but I just cannot hammer with my right hand on a left-handed project, and don't ask me to try it with the left hand. That would spell disaster. Besides possibly making more entry holes for the birds, I was afraid I would fall off the ladder. So I did a quick make-shift job, jamming boards and shims up against and into the hole. This will have to suffice until Sailor can do it right.
I'm not sure why the former owners who built this roof didn't finish the eves up properly at the time, but it has been this way for many years and really hasn't caused any problems until last spring. It was one of those projects on last year's "Honey-do" list for Sailor, that he never got to.

As I was re-reading last year's post, I realized there is yet another place they can enter, and I had better go looking for that one too.

At least I won't be rudely awakened by the noises that sound like they are coming from my wall. Dogs barking* next door are bad enough, but birds in the belfry? I cannot abide that one again.

*we think we have a solution for this. More later. . .

have a nice day everyone



RisibleGirl said...

egads, we have hundreds of birds. I can take 100% responsibility for it too, since we have the best bird food in the 'hood. Well, I'm assuming we do- I haven't actually gone out and checked.

I love the sound of the birds in the morning, but BER is annoyed by it. I have to admit that I do agree with him when he's annoyed at the woodpeckers pecking on the roof though.

Sailor said...

Yikes, well, I know what I will be doing tonight.....


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