Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Weird Dream

What do dreams tell us? I usually don't even remember my dreams. But Tuesday morning I awoke and felt such gratitude to realize what I had been experiencing was really all a bad dream.

::cue in dreamy music::

I had just been to the dentist and he had given me this partial plate to replace my four front bottom teeth. It had been a brutal session at the dentist and I was wondering why he had decided to replace these teeth. I thought they had been fine before I had come in that morning.

As I drove away, I noticed one of the replacements already felt loose. This was worrisome since he had charged me an exorbitant amount (in cash) and insurance wasn't paying for this work.
By the time I got to my friend's house, my teeth were all feeling lose. Then to my surprise, Angela, my friend, was in the process of moving away, packing boxes and explaining that she was getting a divorce. As she explained why they were divorcing, I was losing my teeth. I remember being on the floor looking for all four teeth and realizing this plate was falling apart too. I was trying to save all the pieces and pay attention to Angela as she explained about her trauma. One time during all this, I had actually rounded up all the teeth, found glue, fixed everything and put them back into my mouth only to have them fall out again! It was during this second time of looking for the teeth in a particularly dark dusty corner that I awoke.
::dreamy music stops::

It is pretty straight forward, if I think about it.

I had a particularly stressful and partially sleepless night, twitching, itching, imaginary pains, tossing and turning. I finally got up around 2:30 and moved to the couch so I wouldn't keep my poor husband awake.

I believe it gets worse as you continue to see the clock moving forward and the number of hours left to sleep dwindling, and the knowledge that you will pay for your sleeplessness later in the day. The last time I remember looking at the clock was about 2:30.
To make matters even worse, Tuesday was choir practice, which involves a 2 1/2 hour drive, one way, and the return trip would gets me home by about midnight. Add to that I was slated to
leave pretty early in the morning because of other things that needed to be done while in the Big City. I want to be adequately rested on that day.

The missing teeth? Here is my explanation:
Monday I had been to see the dentist. In way of explanation, four of my molars are actually baby teeth with no permanent adult teeth growing in behind them. The first one was replaced by a bridge, the second by an implant the third is solid and the fourth just lost its filling. This fourth tooth sans filling is just a shell and cannot be fixed again. This one is the candidate for an implant. My current insurance won't pay for an implant, but it will pay half the cost of a bridge. Suffice to say, they consider the implant a cosmetic procedure but are willing to pay for three crowns to cover the area of the two teeth on either side, and the one that replaces the missing tooth. It seems reasonable if they are willing to pay for three crowns, then why aren't they willing to pay the same amount of money to only replace one tooth? But that is the policy.

I would rather not ruin two perfectly good teeth on either side of the missing tooth, by grinding them down and fitting each of them with a crown to support the bridge. Mom said it weakened one of her teeth so badly, she ended up losing one of them and now has a bridge that spans two teeth. The cost the dentist's office quoted to me was much lower than most, but out of pocket, I will have to pay nearly $2000. They offered a 10% discount if I pay cash.

I have no idea why I dreamed about Angela. She moved away about 5 years ago, and is happily living in Las Vegas with her husband and near her son, her husband has quit teaching HS and works in Real Estate. I miss her. She was my sewing buddy and mentor.

I have had lots of sewing business lately. Maybe that is why she showed up in my dream, but what about that divorce??? Ick.

I am glad it was just a dream nightmare.



Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend,
That was a strange dream. When I read your description of the dream I just see loss. Loss of the teeth, breaking of the plate, repair and rebreaking, finding a friend as dear as a sister that left you five years ago, and is going through the same pain that your real sister went through (in the dream).... yikes!! Some days it is great not to sleep in too long.

RisibleGirl said...

There's something about losing teeth in the dream interpretation books. Too lazy to look it up, but I do have the loose teeth, falling out teeth dreams rather frequently even though my teeth are all healthy (well, except the damage from grinding!)


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