Thursday, January 31, 2008

Tribute to Gorden B Hinckley

Our Beloved Prophet, Gordon B Hinckley died Sunday 27 January 2008. Of course I mourn the loss of this wonderful 97-year-old man, but I also celebrate for his reunion with his beloved wife, Marjorie. I have had the privilege of shaking his hand and being in his presence more than once in my life. I have loved his wonderful personality and sense of humor. I am so glad for his life, for his example and for all he stood for. He has given me strength through his example to face things I feel like I cannot do. I realize that this man, even in his old age, traveled throughout the world on rigorous schedules. He is an example of enduring to the end. What a marvelous example, what a marvelous man. God be with you till we meet again, Dear President Hinckley. I am thrilled to have lived in this lifetime and to have had such a special man at the helm of our Church.


PS I have to add that my daughter and her husband stood in line at the viewing last night. The casket was open and she got to see him. It took over two hours to complete the viewing process, most of which was inside the conference center, so she didn't freeze to death in the cold.


Sailor said...

He was an amazing man. He was good at cutting through to the truth of any matter and without condemnation, and with that kind humor that was his trademark, making me want to repent of my wicked ways and follow him. A great example in leadership.

RisibleGirl said...

He was such a sweet and amazing man. His sense of humor was also just fabulous.

He truly was a good man.


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