Monday, January 7, 2008

sleepless in utah

it's been one of those nights. We started for bed at around 9:00. We watched the early news, brushed our teeth and then settled down. The lights were turned off by 10:30. We should have drifted off to sleep pretty easily, but that didn't happen. I played Bejeweled on my palm pilot, Sailor began to breathe regularly. But Sailor has a hard time sleeping almost every night, and gets up several times in the night. True to form after about 45 minutes of peaceful sleep, he was up, I was still awake and making an impossibly high score, somewhere in the 250,000's. Again after a bathroom break, Sailor settled down again and drifted off. I decided to shut off the light and pray for my mind to shut off. But I continued to sing the song in my head that three of us women had performed in Sunday School today. And I continued to give the lesson I gave in Relief Society about serving the Sisters. It was a successful lesson, but I was still thinking about it and how much better I could have ended it by quoting a line the opening hymn:
"His adorable will,
Let us gladly fulfill,
Enter into my joy and sit down on my throne,
Enter into my joy and sit down on my throne."
What a better way to motivate the Sisters to serve than to think about the Lord telling us such a sweet thing, to sit down on His throne.
And so I sang this hymn intermingled with the one I sang in Sunday School. I had been sort of talked into singing the tenor part, which I didn't know. In practice I had it down cold, but notsomuch when we were up in front of 75 people. It still turned out OK, since we blended fairly well, but I am sure my mind was correcting all the mistakes.
And so it is now 3:45. I am watching an E-bay auction too, and maybe my mind was aware of an alarm clock going off at 3:55, so I couldn't get to sleep. Maybe it was because I was twitching, my knee giving me pain, I don't know. All I know is the two of us have been up practically the whole night. I wish my sweet husband could have gotten the rest he needs, since he has to go to work today. Me? I hope I get some rest as tomorrow I must head up to Salt Lake reallllllly early to be there by 8:30 so I can babysit my darling grandson while his brave and faithful parents go out into the world to earn the living, fulfilling the prophesy the Lord made when Adam and Eve were sent away from the Garden: "By the sweat of thy brow, shalt thy eat bread all the days of thy life."
It is not hard to babysit when I know they are both doing the very best they can possibly do.
Only 19 minutes until the auction is over, I hope I win those zig pens that normally are $108 at JoAnn's. My highest bid is only $50, but I was able to get another set for myself for only $31 plus shipping. This set is for D1. She saw her sister's Christmas gift and decided she didn't want to wait for next Christmas to get herself a set, so I promised her I would bid for them for her. And she will pay me back. Oh what a mudda will do for her kids. Wish me luck
Then maybe I will be able to settle back into bed at 4:15 in the morning and hope for some sleep.
PS I won the pens. yw D1


Together We Can said...

Oh, I am so sorry for the sleepless night. This pregnancy has brough this syptoms on a lot quicker than the others. I have a hard time once I am awake and look at the clock and count down until I have to get up and go to work. It makes it very frustrating. Drive safe this morning (I am sure you are pretty close already). Hopefully your grandson will take a VERY long nap today.

Sailor said...

Hi Friend,
Actually is wasn't all that different than a lot of my nights.... maybe some, but I have had worse. Nice to have such cute and spritely company in the night though.


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