Monday, November 19, 2007

Two Shiners

Yesterday we celebrated SIL2's birthday. Happy BDay! He is such a sweet young man and such a good husband and dad. We are all counting our blessings. D2 made two kinds of cheesecake and some brownies. mmmm
I didn't over indulge.
We had 4 hours of Church before we headed north to the party. Not only did we attend the three hours in our own Ward, but my husband spoke in the Spanish Branch. He had a translator. Those people are so very friendly, and I do pick up more Spanish than I used to. That is always fun. I had associated with this group of people for about 5 years, then a branch was formed and they have their own meeting time, and we were released as Stake Missionaries. It was fun to see all my friends again and sing the hymns in Spanish, even though I just sing the syllables and don't understand the words I am singing, I get the gist of it because I know the words to the hymn in English.

My goose-egg bump from the post hitting my head on Friday is flat now, but all that liquid has to go somewhere, and gravity pulled it down, so now my eyes are both bruised and swollen. Yeah, just before our Christmas concert. We will be on TV on Wednesday, because our director is also the weatherman on the local station. I will wear my purple coat I bought in New York, when we sang in Carnegie Hall in '05 and no one will see my eyes.
It is more of an inconvenience than anything. It doesn't hurt, just looks awful and itches. I guess Sailor's mom was walking in the dark once and to protect herself, she had both hands stretched in front of her (sleep-walking style), to make sure she didn't run into anything. You guessed it she walked squarely into the end of a door, hands on either side of it didn't help her in the dark. She got two black eyes. In way of explanation when asked what had happened, her "sympathetic husband" said she had gotten too smart-mouthed with him and he had to put her in her place.
I am glad Sailor didn't take after his Dad in that way. Maybe I will just sport sunglasses. Remember those HUGE ones that took up half of your face? That ought to hide my eyes.
I heard, too late, that aspirin and ibuprofen both make the bruising worse, because they thin the blood. Does that mean conversely that if I continue to take it that the blood will rush the bruising out faster?

Wish me luck. It is time to go exercise again. I missed the cardio Saturday but did the crunches. I did nothing on Sunday but sit 4 hours in Church, another 5 hours round trip in the car to the Birthday party, another 3-4 hours around D2's house and ate cheesecake. But it was so good. Yea. Back to the old treadmill. . .
Here is a Shout out to Risible Girl for staying away from sweets for TWO WEEKS! Good job RG!
Have a good week and a WONDERFUL THANKSGIVING!


Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend,
You are such a fun girl to go on road trips with, and just to be with. That was a fun, if exhausting trip yesterday.

I feel so bad about your shiners! Yikes! Procrastination didn't seem like such as hazardous thing at the time... So sorry.

Andrew Hahn said...

The feed didn't work for me - your header isn't showing a picture (I've tried 3 browsers, too).

Nice shiners! Hope you get better soon!

Anonymous said...

First, that coat is DARLING! I love it!

Second… you poor little thing! Your eyes! You should make up a really good story to tell people. Like you were defending Sailor’s honor or something. I love to make up stories to see the looks on people’s faces. You might consider it a hobby of mine. Tee hee.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I too, am thankful this year for our newfound friendship. You truly are a blessing, my friend.

Love you~


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