Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, Back

The title refers to a scene in You've Got Mail where Meg Ryan is trying to use her credit card in a local store where it is a cash-only line. She is not aware until the lady informs her of the total and says "no credit cards". Everyone gets upset and tells her to use another line and she is trying to just get out of there because her nemesis, Tom Hanks is behind her and she is trying to escape before he notices her. He does notice her and comes up to the front, charms the clerk, Rose by telling her she has a nice name, and says Happy Thanksgiving. Then he tells her it is her turn to say, "Happy Thanksgiving Back." This makes her smile, then he makes a Knock Knock joke.
Orange, Orange Who? Orange you going to zip this card through? Zip Zip? She does make an exception for Tom and the tension is broken, but not for Meg. After he leaves and Rose is still smiling, Meg says, "I'm sorry." Rose's smile fades to a glare, and Meg slinks out, feeling even more animosity towards Tom.

We had a great Thanksgiving day. It started out at 6:30 as Sailor and I arose and prepared stuffing, stuffed the turkey and started it baking.

S2,DIL2 and three grandchildren arrived just in time to sit down to dinner. DIL2 must have been psychic because she filled in where I was lacking. She brought three kinds of cranberry things, two pumpkin pies, and rolls. Really buttery rich rolls. She forgot the whipped cream, but I happened to have that. I had forgotten cranberries. So we balanced each other out. We had a great feast, and had enough left overs to feed a soup kitchen afterwards. As we cleared the table, Sailor took the bones from the turkey and began to boil them for soup stock. After dishes began to wash themselves in the dishwasher, the children played outside on the swing set, then we all retired by a wonderful fire Sailor built.

Next we gathered around the newly assembled artificial Christmas tree and let the children open gifts from their Grand folks (that would be us). The older two got art sets and a little car race track called Electric Car, and the baby got a baby doll and stroller. They are happily playing with their toys and life is good.
They are spending the night tonight, so we will have a fun day tomorrow as well. S2 wants to take his guns out and go target practicing, he also brought some wood down to work in the shop with his dad.
Life is good
(Saturday~two days later)
The older two children and I went to the park and played on the slides, watched the waterfall, watched the kids in the skate park, and played in the sand for about two hours. At one point two mean-faced little dogs, I believe they are miniature pugs came barking and racing over. Little GS1 let out a startled cry and ran to me and GD3 was already behind me. I was just sitting on the grass beside the sand pile. The owner apologized and put them back on their leashes and left. After they were safely gone, GS1 said: "Those dogs were cute." It cracked me up, because you would have never known he thought that by the way he was clinging to me. I loved it.
S2 & Sailor went out target practicing and sighting in their guns and DIL2 stayed with the baby while she slept and read a book.
Earlier the parents had gone on a run, and we watched the children. The baby is almost 2 and is quite a cutie. She has very snappy Dark black eyes and dark hair. As her parents sat on the floor stretching in preparation for their run, this cute little girl sat on the floor and imitated them. Her tiny legs are maybe 4-6" to the knee and she sat there pressing on her knees, stretching out, then lay on the floor and put up one leg, pointing to the ceiling. It was one of those moments you remember in your mind, but the camera is nowhere handy, and by the time it is found, the moment is gone. But it was so darling. We had a wonderful time with them.


RisibleGirl said...

Yay! Your blog works again!

My kids spent the night too, but the youngest left about an hour ago. My oldest is staying over tonight and will be here thru Saturday. Yay!

BJ likes it because now he has someone to watch football with. I am certainly NOT fun to watch football with. I basically ignore the TV.

Glad you had a great thanksgiving!

Kay Dennison said...

Glad you had such a wonderful day, Annie!

Joared said...

Sounds like a great day. Thanks for stopping by my place.


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