Monday, September 24, 2007

V is for violated

This is the third time Pixie's vehicle has been broken into.
All three times it was in the parking lot of her apartment complex. But each robbery took place in different place and in different parts of the valley and it was a different vehicle all three times.

The first time they took her scriptures! It must have looked like a planner. Why else would some stupid person want to steal this? It had all her personal notes that she took on her mission. She cried for a long while after this.

The second time was while they were working a graveyard shift, and her cool new stereo and a jar of money was stolen, which I had given her that day. It had about $60 in it that she had saved as a child. It was labeled "My Mission."

This time it was her husband's vehicle. They took an emergency kit and his new sunglasses she had given him for Father's day. She had placed a note inside the case that said, "to the father of our future children." The note was under the seat, the glasses and case missing.


I want to have magical powers and restore all the things, plus my daughter's innocence and trust in mankind. Poor little thing had to get this fixed before work because it was cold today. And she does a service to one old, blind lady, she picks her up from her house and brings her to the salon and does her hair.

This daughter, Sweet B-girl, is one of the MOST thoughtful sweet people I know, always thinking of others and doing for others. Why do these things have to keep happening to her?

I would like to get her happily settled into a proper house with a double car garage in a quiet neighborhood. I feel so bad for my sweeties.

You know the saying, "you are as happy as your saddest child", well I am terribly sad today.

Please say a little prayer for them. . .



Sailor said...

Hi Friend,
Wow, I had forgotten about the scripture heist. Hardly fair to even have one break in. Makes you feel so helpless.

Anonymous said...

ya funny that you say "trust in mankind" i am suddenly accusing EVERYONE in
my complex. i'm POSITIVE that they ALL were in on this, it freaks me out. i
doubt i'll sleep tonight, but i hope so...

RisibleGirl said...

Oh poo! I missed this one. I'm 'listening' to a 2 hour conference call, so am taking the opportunity to catch up with my friends.

How terrible, and scriptures? I hope they make good use of them. Gheesh!

I've never heard that saying, "you are as happy as your saddest child"- but it's SO true. Sigh...

The word violated is perfect for this situation.

I hope she feels safe soon.



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