Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Goodness everyone is quiet!

All week I have been busy with several dresses. First a very cute Homecoming dress. It had an immodest back and needed straps. This cute girl hired me to "modest-ify" it for her. We had to purchase fabric to match and fill in the back where there was only skin and a tiny string tie. Then I made straps. It turned out well, and I give those very cute High School girls a Modesty discount, which is about half my normal wage. When they pay for this out of their hard-earned money, I cannot make them pay more. They are so cute and I have a great time working on these beautiful formals. Then my daughter is in a wedding in about a week, and needed a Maid of Honor dress, which I finished. Now tonight I worked on half a wedding dress for my son's future bride, Cute Girl. I have to still design the top, but the skirt is mostly done. It is 8 layers of tulle, 1 layer of lining and one top layer of organza.
I don't know if everyone has been as busy as I have or if something is wrong, because most of my family and friends, with an exception of a very few are so quiet. And the two most prolific posters, Mostly Risible and Kay's Thinking Cap have not said a peep. I am really worried. Is it a particularly busy week for everyone? Almost no one has made a comment on my blogs or even posted their blogs. I hope everyone is well, no hospitalizations or injuries.
I check my favorite blogs almost every day to see if there is anything going on or to see if anyone has made a comment. I HOPE YOU ALL ARE OK OUT THERE!


pixiestylist said...

well, i just posted a blog, and my excuse is my husband hogs the computer. he says he has "a class". ok maybe he really does...

RisibleGirl said...

I"m alive! :)

You're so sweet to think of me.

You're ALSO so sweet to give those girls a discount in order for them to wear modest dresses. I'm glad that this is important to them in this day and age, and yay for you for encouraging it! :)


Andrew Hahn said...

108 hours on this last paycheck. That's all.


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