Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Frustrating dream

What a frustrating dream.
I was traveling, I think with my choir. My sister J was with me. Her husband S was driving. We got to the hotel, S dropped us off at the front door, and drove off to park. We decided with all the stuff we were carrying to leave the luggage in the car and come back for it later. I had a couple of decorated cakes I was carrying plus some other stuff, coats, and for some reason a newspaper. The people at the desk checked us in and handed us a huge load of other things, to do with the tour.

I realized that my ticket was booked through a different agency, and I was afraid that I would be separated from my companion, I think it was my hubby, but in the dream the traveling companions changed from my hubby to my sister J, to my other sister ZB, then to my mom and then to my daughter J.

After receiving all the things for the tour, we headed down a hall to find our rooms. For some reason the hall ended in three grand stair cases. One peeled away curving to the right, the other left and one went straight, completing a U-turn half way on a landing and heading straight behind us. All were labeled in grandiose names. I remember one being called the Ludo deck. Isn't that from the Love Boat?

 We kept moving all our stuff to make sure we didn't lose it until we found a way to find our room. but as we did, some stuff was left behind from the last transfer, so my things were scattered. Somewhere in transferring all our stuff, which seemed to grow as we walked, I lost the keys to our room, and the handout that told about the whole experience in which we were about to partake. Meanwhile, I saw all my fellow choir members pass me and head up to their rooms. Some even came back down after unloading.  But my stuff continued to get more and more separated and lost. I remember one part of my dream, I saw my purse hanging at the top of a display wall, inside of a shop. I was in the process of climbing this pegboard and glass shelf wall to retrieve it, when the shop owner came in and caught me.

I think that is when I awoke, you should have seen my hair. Apparently I was under the covers whilst dreaming this disturbing dream.

I never did find our rooms. The cakes were a disaster by then, we never did see our husbands.
What's with these disturbing dreams? I hardly EVER remember my dreams, but when I do, they are weird.


LCannon said...

another thing we have in common - I can always remember the details of weird dreams, too.

Anonymous said...

I sure can have SF dreams and those crazy dreams too.. It's fun to read yours..wink! Hey I am in Az living. Seeing a specialist from the Mayo clinic.


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