Friday, July 25, 2014

Jeans hem tutorial

When shortening jeans into shorts, it is not possible to keep the original hem.  I needed to create a new hem that looked like the original one, but because of the narrow hems on the skinny jeans, I couldn't use them in the thigh area where I was cutting the shorts. But, I made a genius discovery.

One friend mentioned when she top-stitched her blouse, she used two threads in the same needle. On another blog, a quilter mentioned she used the same color of bobbin thread as the fabric, which better defines the stitches.

In the picture, the hem under the the sewing needle is the newly created hem that I made, the one on the right is the original hem at the bottom of the jeans.

So I used double thread in the needle, and bobbin thread that matches the fabric.

Because I cut off some fabric, I was able to practice on scraps, and adjust the stitch length before I worked on the finished project.

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