Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Newest Flower in our Bouquet

We have a new addition to our family. My youngest son and his beautiful wife
just added a fourth child to their family.This makes two girls and two boys in their cute family. This baby is named after a flower (a little bit different spelling, but that's OK) and her maternal grandmother, but coincidentally the spelling of her middle name is also the same as her paternal aunt, my second oldest daughter, so it is all in the family. A beautiful name for a darling little girl.

Welcome little one. 

She also evens out the grandchildren numbers. We now have 10 grandsons and 10 grand daughters. How fun is that? I love numbers and was thrilled when this son, pictured above, was born and evened out the number of girls and boys in our family, (3 and 3) The oldest son and daughter were born in March, the middle son and daughter were born in January and the youngest son and daughter were born in February. So I think it is appropriate that his newest baby evened out the numbers in his own sweet family and my grandchildren, doncha think?

This sweet little flower came on the second day in April, and only 12 days after the first day of spring. She is beautiful and I cannot wait to get a chance to hold her and get to know this darling little addition. Her brothers and sisters are such sweet children, but of course they are being raised by two very special parents who love each one. Her oldest sister is only four years old, so this sweet mama will have a handful when she gets home from the hospital. Especially since her dad works and is in school full time. 

We wish them all the best in this endeavor, and in our prayers, we constantly plead for the safe-keeping and well-being of all our sweet children, their spouses and children. We feel so very blessed. 

Thank you Lord for the blessings you have bestowed upon us, and thank you for this sweet newest blessing in our family.



Significant Snail said... wonderful! Congratulations to you all!

Sailor said...

Great pictures of a cute new little spirit....

I'm glad you posted those. Very sweet.


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