Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome New Arrival

Hello Little One,
Welcome to our family.

This might sound really trite, but it comes from my heart.
I wanted to welcome you and I am so glad you have joined our family. I am so glad you and your mom are doing fine.

You are my seventeenth grandchild. This just astounds me. I feel so very blessed with each new arrival. I love each grandchild with all my heart. 

You are so tiny and so perfect. I am already in love with you. I got to hold you when you were only three days old. None of my children were 6 pounds 6 ounces, so holding you pretty sweet. I almost felt like you might break or something.

I want you to know what a special family you have joined. Your mother and dad are such sweet people, and they love to have fun. Your mother is extremely talented in many ways. She loves Halloween and will make such creative costumes for you and the entire family. It is fun to see what she comes up with next. She also is an artist and paints and draws beautiful pictures. Your dad plays the guitar and sings. In fact he sang to your mom when he proposed to her. It was so sweet, because he took her to the Manti Temple hill and sang a song when he gave her the ring. He also paints beautiful landscapes. They love to have fun, and your mother's side of the family is very adventurous. I don't think you will have one dull day at your home. Your older brother and sister are so very sweet. I am in love with them as well.

You have many cousins who will all adore you as well. There are sixteen on your dad's side, but there are many more on your mom's side, so you will probably never want for companionship at family reunions.

I hope some day when you get big enough you will want to come stay with your grandparents for the summer and play with us. Your grandpa built a boat and would love to take you fishing. He also built a little playhouse in our back yard.

I pray for your safe keeping and that of your family, your aunts, uncles and cousins. You even are lucky enough to have living great-grandparents. That doesn't happen too often. Mine weren't alive when I was born, so that is pretty sweet. You have great aunts and uncles who all care for you as well, so you are surrounded by many who all are watching out for you and your well being.

Besides the fun things of this life, you come into a righteous family who knows the Gospel is true and lives it as best as they can.   How lucky you are to be surrounded by so many who have a testimony that Jesus is their Savior. Your Heavenly Father knows you by name and cares for you.  

May the Lord bless you,

all my love,
Grandma H


Sailor said...

That is a very sweet post. He is a cute little guy. He looks like his mom, sleeping with his eyes closed, but when he opens them he looks a lot like his dad.

Kay Dennison said...

He is beautiful!!!! Mama and Grandma are, too!!!!

grandmarockton said...

GOD Bless this little one and the WHOLE FAMILY how sweet!

sandycai said...

Thanks. I really enjoyed reading your blogs. Will visit this website again for sure.

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