Monday, August 16, 2010

What's your creative style?

I took a creative test and this is the result. 
You think of art as a means of reaching out to others but, at the same time, you use it as a shield to some extent. It’s a way of participating in society, in a community. It’s the way you communicate with others and the way they can communicate with you. Seen in this light, creativity provides the basic materials to build a bridge between you and other people, so you can’t think of it as something that lies outside your relationship with others. You like the attention and good opinion of others. When you show people what you’ve made — a birthday cake, or a piece of music you’ve written — it’s your baby, so you are very sensitive about any criticism. You need to be able to distance yourself from the result, and allow others to enjoy it and feel part of it, without it reflecting on you alone. Your creativity allows you (or would allow you) to feel part of the world. You’ve got an inner exhibitionist and you think that this strengthens your relationships. What you really want is for others to see the good in you. You prefer to get on the stage than stay in the wings analysing your inner life (although you do that, too). So let the show begin, but make sure your life doesn’t depend on the applause. •

I guess that is pretty accurate. What do your results say?


Katie said...

Hi Annie! I took your challenge and did the creative test! Amazing, really! Thanks, Katie of UncommonTreasures

Anonymous said...

Hello - sweet friend -- I just learned something new about you -- good to know..

Suzanne said...

Thanks so much for your comment about the flower you made for your clutch. They are fun to make and they add such a fabulous punch to a project! So glad you were happy with the clutch!

You and I must be cut from the same piece of cloth -- I had the same results as you did! ;o)


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