Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Last night, we were both craving chocolate, so I broke open my surprise for Sailor and got out the Bliss chocolate eggs by Hershey's. mmmm
Today as he made breakfast, he colored these eggs. They are raw, but he just wanted to surprise me. How cute is that???
That is about the extent of our Easter, as far as special food or anything goes. Oh he did purchased a spiral ham and baked it. He has already deboned it and is cooking the bone for borscht.
We watched General Conference Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, Sailor worked on his sail. That is his sewing machine. He purchased it last year from Wal Mart for $80. I am so amazed how well he has done on this sail. Notice how he holds the foot pedal in his left hand and feeds the sail cloth through with both hands. What coordination!
Note the television in the background. We discovered that channel 5-3 (usually the weather channel) had a person who translated Conference into ASL. It was so fun to watch their expressions as they translated.
Tonight we noticed some Very Large birds in our neighbor's back yard tree. These trees are 80 feet tall, to give you an idea how large these birds are.

 Sailor got out his dad's telescope. It is made so you can attach a camera. He was able to take some pictures with his 35mm camera. We took some digital pictures as well, which I am downloading.

 At first we thought they were vultures, then maybe just ravens, but when he got out the spotting scope, we could tell they were vultures! One had a much redder beak

I love how close Sailor's camera could get on this one.
Vultures for Easter??? We saw no Easter bunnies, we saw Easter Vultures. What's THAT??? Maybe we had better check the elderly man next door. . . is he still alive??? What are these birds doing in my neighbor's tree?

I hope you had a Happy Easter.



Sailor said...

It was a fun day. No Easter Bunnies, or even Easter Beagles....only we would have Easter Vultures.

With a 40x spotting scope it was easy to see their heads, and nothing else has a head like a vulture. A very interesting day. Nice post, Friend.

Janet said...

We had Easter woodpeckers and swans. It's just a bird year I guess. Lucky you - Vultures. We never get vultures!

Kay Dennison said...

Sounds like a nice holiday for both of you!!!

R said...

Anita, the bird pictures really turned out well. They really look big in the pictures that you sent. Thanks for showing us while we were there. I can't wait for July so I can spend time with my Mom sitting on her porch and watching the world go by. Right now all of my stops are in and out since we always have dead lines. That is what I love about July, the fact that for a short time I don't have dead lines. II seem to have had more time years ago-----I wonder if that will ever happen again? Maybe when I retire??? That is a long way off. Anyway let me know when you go get a haircut again. So I can say hi at the shop. By the way that was as sick as I have been in a long time. I wonder what in the world the vultures were doing in your trees? I always said to Mom," That house always has the action, that is why we sit on her porch and watch you" he he he, Take care, Love Renee

Janet M said...

Wow, how long did the vultures stay around? amazing!

Janet M

M said...

I enjoyed your Easter post. Thanks for keeping us updated on things.


Anonymous said...

Wow you too -- I saw those bird one day driving from your town to my Dad's home -- wonder if they are the same and another time out by the dump. He stopped so I could take a snap shot but they flew away before I was ready -- :(


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