Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gratitude and Grandson

Back in January, a new and darling little baby boy came into our lives. My oldest son and his wife have four beautiful daughters, and now they have a son.

He is so very beautiful, and looks a LOT like his dad.

When I had my first two sons, I had hoped they would come in this order. An older brother for all the rest, and a friend to play with. Then I wished for a daughter, and another to keep her company. By the fifth, I was hoping for another daughter, since I wasn't sure if I would have any more, I didn't want to have a lonely son at the end. Each time, I got what I had wished for. But I got pregnant one more time. Part of me wanted an even 3 and 3. For the same reason as before, I hoped for another girl. I didn't want a lonely boy at the end. This time I got a boy, and I couldn't have been more pleased and in love when I laid eyes on him. It was so darling to watch this tiny boy follow his dad around and emulate him. I had forgotten how darling that had been. It had been 9 years.

I am thinking my son and daughter-in-law will find this little son a complete new experience than their four daughters. Both are a joy, and I wouldn't trade a single one of my babies for any other experience.

Here is a picture of the newest addition to our family. Isn't he so CUTE??? I got to be there for the occasion, watching grand daughters while my son and his wife were at the hospital. Then we all got to come see and hold him. Isn't he just so beautiful??? I feel so blessed.

Fun and yet sweet fact: All three of my sons got sons this year. Not this calendar year. One was born in November 2009. But the only people in our immediate family who were expecting this round were the DIL's and they all had or will have sons. The next one is in May, and we are excited to meet this new one coming.

With each grand baby birth, I write a love note to the newest one. The older grandchildren don't know about this, because my love notes are in my journal. I have a reason for that. When my grandma died, I got her old diaries. They weren't journals, because mostly she kept track of the weather and who in the village had died, and what crops were planted. I wanted to know what she thought of having a new grand daughter, so I eagerly turned to the year and date of my birth. The entry said,

"Telegraph from L (my mom) baby girl."

That's IT?? That is all she had to say about me? I was very disappointed.

I decided that as my own grandchildren arrived that I would write each new baby a love note. The older grandchildren don't know this yet, because before the blog, I wrote in my journal. And I figured when I died and they were dispensing all the goodies, they would find them. But I think I will find those entries and pre-date some blog entries so they can see their love notes as well.

So here is my love note to my newest little grand son:

Dear Baby S (for identity, I won't use the full name, although it is such a darling name, I wish I could), Welcome to this world.
What a wonderful year to be born! 2010. Since I am much older than you, it sounds so futuristic. Welcome to the family. Your immediate family is so excited to have you join their family. Your parents had four girls before they got the little boy they never dreamed they would have. You are so lucky to have four beautiful older sisters who love you.
 When you came, I got to be at your house. Grandpa had come for Christmas with me, and he drove home and left me. I slept in a beautiful room which will become your room when you graduate to a crib.
 Your sisters adore you. How could they not?

You are my 14th grand child, and the 5th grand son. By the time your little cousin is born in May, there will be six boys and nine girls. I have to say, after experiencing both boys and girls, grand daughters and grand sons, that I just LOVE them all.

I got to stay at your house until a few days after they brought you home from the hospital, then I went home, so I haven't seen you in about two months. I can't wait to come back. I am sorry I got pneumonia when they blessed you. I am sad I didn't get to come.

I just want you to know what a wonderful family you come from. You have four grand parents who are thrilled you came into our lives. You also have two great grandmas who just think the world of you. There are aunts and uncles, cousins, great aunts, great uncles and their children who all are thrilled for your family and your arrival. And if your great grand fathers had been alive, they would be thrilled too.

When your daddy married your mom, I couldn't have picked a better wife for him, and later I learned a better mother for my future grand children. I remember talking to your mom's mother. She said that J (your mom) was the most honest person she knew. I was so stunned, because that is exactly how I felt about your dad. They couldn't be a better match for each other.

You come from a house of readers. I have never seen such speed readers as those who live in your house. You will never want for a story to be read to you. Well at least I hope so, there are plenty who love to read there.

Your mom is an amazing cook. She makes wonderful things to eat. She and your dad have such a fun sense of humor. There is always laughter and joy in your home.
Your dad is an amazing provider, and hard worker.

As a little boy, he made the best big brother that anyone could ever want. He took his roll seriously and watched over his brothers and sisters with care. When I see him guiding his little family in church, the store, or library, I see that little boy who was so sweet. You are so lucky to have been born into such a kind, loving family who loves the Gospel, their Savior and Heavenly Father. Please know how happy we all are to have you join our family, sweet little S.

God Bless you in your life. May you find joy and happiness as you embark on such a wonderful journey.

Grandma H.


Jenny said...

Aw, how sweet. It'll be fun for him when he's bigger to read that.

Janet said...

Very sweet and a good idea!

Mike said...


I just read your post about little S. I wanted to say thank you for the sweet love note to him. We love you, and think of you often. I am glad that you are feeling better. I have to run, as I have deadlines, and a trip to plan. Craziness!!

Love you!!


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