Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Confusing the Optometrist

Ah got Bett-ah (I got better) from Monte Python and the Holy Grail movie.

The meds are done, the ones that wreak havoc on your poor stomach, and I awoke this morning feeling like I had come out of a fog into SPRING.

I don't believe I have ever felt this bad with pneumonia, but I guess I have to remind myself that I also had influenza just before the pneumonia set in. I still feel a little weak, but that might come from not exercising at all for 3 weeks. I basically got up to eat, use the restroom and walk back to bed.

Tomorrow, I am going to gently walk on the treadmill for a while and gradually build it up so I can start the Couch to 5 K (C25K). Even it is a bit rigorous for me right now.

Somewhere in the last two weeks, my glasses and my contact lenses came in. I picked those up one of those foggy days, and found the glasses made me sea sick. To a point of nausea, so I put those away. The contact lenses were fine for the computer screen, but for reading a book, forget it, and for signposts on the road, forget it. So today I went back in. He checked the glasses and found they were at a weird angle. He will take them back to the main office and try to fix them.

But the lenses caused a great deal of confusion, for some reason. I am an enigma. hee hee. All the tests suggest that I want less correction!!! What? Are my eyes getting better? Can that be? We shall see. He is ordering me some new ones.

All my spoiled life, I have had 20/10 vision. That means, what I see at 20 feet, others have to move up to 10 feet to see. That means I could see each individual leaf, and sometimes the veins. The mountains had perfect trees on top, my poor sister, Janet had terrible vision. I remember the day she got glasses. She exclaimed, "The mountains have little trees! I can see leaves on the tree!" I remember sitting in the back seat crying for her. I felt so awful that she had never seen something I just took for granted.

But not only that, I could see the individual trees, I could see the tiny cross stitches on the 22 count fabric. That means 22 holes per inch. I started a very intricate pattern with that many years ago, and people would ask me how I ever saw such tiny fabric. I took that for granted. Until I turned 47. I noticed, when I started working at a variety store, that I couldn't see the cash register tape. In hindsight I should have just asked the lady to change ink. I got a pair of reading glasses. I think it made my eyes lazy, and they began to depend on the glasses to see. When my hubby started wishing he had some readers, I told him to resist. And I told him my theory. So far, he only uses them when something really intricate needs to be seen, he takes an eye test every year at work and passes with flying colors.

As I got tired of putting the glasses on and off, I asked for bifocals, but I asked them NOT to correct the far vision. They wanted to bring everything closer and it caused my eyes much confusion. I had to remove my bifocals in order to see the front of the chapel.  When they would take away the correction, it worked fine. Some time in there, I lost my glasses and ordered a new set. They corrected the far vision, and I forgot to ask them to fix it. I lived with it,  and my eyes got lazy.

So we will see tomorrow whether or not the new contact lenses which are weaker will work.

Now off to choir I go. I feel so blessed. I have a wonderful husband, beautiful children, wonderful in-law children, precious grandchildren, a mom and mother-in-law who are both healthy, brothers and sisters, I come from a great family, a safe, comfortable home, a nice car that helps me take the 300 mile round trip to choir, many friends in choir, and a voice that qualifies to be in this choir. I truly feel blessed and a bit spoiled.

Life is grand. God bless all who read this post. I love you all.



Sailor said...

Safe journey Friend. I'm glad you are better. Nice MP clip. :)

Kay Dennison said...

Glad you are back to being you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful update. So thrilled to know that you are up and going. Yes, you are blessed to have such dear friends and wonderful family in your life. But do take care!

Anonymous said...

sweet letter! Now my eyes have gotten better and I have one contact at less correction so I can read teeny things and the other so I can see far and life is happy! Yea monovision and hard contacts! You are a sweet tender heart!


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