Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sometimes I receive forwards in my email. The above picture came in one of those emails entitled amazing pictures.

My sweet husband chops a LOT of wood for our wood stove. We have a wood pile in our back yard, lining our fence that has about this amount of wood. It is the result of chopping down an 80 foot tree on the side of our house last summer. We have worked on that tree all of the rest of the summer to reduce the huge logs into nice piles of split wood along the fence. I had no idea that wood had any other potential, except to warm us this winter.

I was wondering if he could arrange it like this picture? What do you say, Sailor?

It is December and we got our very first snow today, and what a doozy it was. I shoveled for almost an hour. I think it looks like about 10 inches at least. Now that is what Christmas is supposed to look like.

happy December to all



Sailor said...

Hi Friend,
You be the brains of the outfit, and I'll stack it where you want it. <3

The Stanworths said...

I have a little prize for you on my blog!!! :D

ZB said...

I thought that was such a cool picture too… clever talented people with time on their hands…

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad I dont have to chop wood..cool photo too - and again thanks for the idea to send in my photo to TV 2News of the photo that looked like a Chocolate Kiss dressed in white.wink!


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