Saturday, June 27, 2009

The End of the Tree o Love

Sailor, my husband, wrote a very nice post on the demise of our big tree to the north of our house. I think his pictures are perfect and his post says it all.
It was called the Tree 'O' Love, mainly because the kids went up there in the tree house, and carved their names into it. They also carved "Tree 'O' Love" into the trunk as well.

The guy who took it down told us he would save that part of the bark when he saws it into lumber.

We are working every spare minute, hauling away the branches and sawing the rest into wood. I might get the courage to download my pictures and write a post on it later, but for now, go to his blog.
have a great weekend.


Significant Snail said...

I'm so glad they are able to save the part that says 'Tree O Love' - that will be a nice family heirloom. I would hang it on a wall somewhere, surrounded by pictures of the kids.

shanna said...

so glad it could be salvaged!


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