Friday, January 30, 2009

Latest Projects

Like most of the country, we got snow. On my way to choir in Salt Lake, I see lots of beautiful scenery.
Sterling, my choir director, once mentioned that he felt very sorry for me every week because of the excess of my travel, but he took this road a couple of years ago to visit our town on a weather-related trip. He said now he realizes the beauty I enjoy and no longer feels any pity. Half of the trip is enjoyed with the sunshine and the beauty, but the homeward bound half is spent in darkness, sleepiness, fear of deer, black ice in the winter or the "Star Wars Light Speed effect" snow. All are miserable. But I have only hit two deer. One must have shaved off it's rear, because all I got out of that was a tuft of hair and a door that was really hard to open. The other bound out from two buildings and hit the right side of the car in Eureka when I was only going 30 mph. We were able to pull that dent out and the car is fine.
I thought I would share some of the lovely scenery in pictures. The first is just before I get to Eureka. The second is on the other side of Eureka going down the hill towards Salt Lake. Mt. Nebo is the name of that mountain. I am heading toward Elberta here. I LOVE it, and every week when I see this view, it takes my breath away. I enjoy watching all the seasons here.

I haven't taken down the cards yet. The cards hang in the shape of a tree. The letters are taped to the wall, staggered so you can flip each one up and read them. Above them are the pictures that were enclosed or used as cards. I will remove them soon enough. In the past I have taken the pictures and placed them in an album. The letters are alphabetized and bound with a laminated front cover that has the year printed on it along a collection of that year's stamps. When I need to remember who's daughter just had surgery or whatever, I can read through the letters.
I had planned on sending the Christmas cards out when we got home from Denver last month on the 29th, but I was so sick, that has been put off and I still haven't sent them. Sorry to all you out there. Maybe you will get a Happy New Year, (nope it is too late for that), Valentine's Card or even St Patrick's card. We will see. I have been trying to just catch up with the things I haven't done because of my illness. I really didn't care about the Christmas decorations until just about a week ago.
I put my plants back in the corner where the tree had stood. Heidi, Connie and Kristy (my Play Pal dolls) have taken up residence in front of the plants.

Customer sewing is still waiting, plus some of my own projects that I need work on. I do these in the evening and in ten-minute increments here and there. I am re-doing the edge of my quilt. This is the one I got a Grand Champion ribbon at the County Fair in the 90's. For some unknown reason, the purple edge has worn out. The rest of the quilt looks pretty good, so I decided to give it new life. I have replaced the purple edge and am beginning to quilt it. I also added binding.

Besides quilting, I have been trying to hone my knitting skills. I am stuck making dish cloths for now. I am trying to learn continental knitting where the thread is held in the left hand. I am not comfortable with knitting yet. It makes me as tense as a board. I need to learn to relax when I knit.

The two on the left are done from a pattern called A Piece of My Heart. The right says MOM. I got the MOM pattern from Knitted Kitty. I also learned how to crochet a pot holder this week and made one. It is so simple I did it in a few hours. Knitting takes MUCH longer.

So, besides all these projects, I've been trying to exercise regularly, eat 5-7 vegetables and fruits daily, drink 64 oz of water daily and keep the house clean. That is what I have been up to lately.
I hope you are having a pleasant day.


Sailor said...

Hi Dear Friend,
That is a nice post with some great pictures. See you in about an hour. Much love.

Significant Snail said...

Boy do I love that driving view you have!

I think knitting must be better when you learn it at an early age.

Carol said...

Beautiful snow photo!!!

And the cloth looks great!!!!!

RisibleGirl said...

Wow- you are so talented, Annie! The stuff you've knitted so far is just amazing.

Maybe when I retire (looks like when I'm 100 now...) I'll have the time to learn to do that stuff.


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