Tuesday, October 21, 2008

garden update

Yesterday we put the garden to bed. We gathered all the tomatoes from the vines and pulled up the vines. We gathered all the squash and everything. All that is left are two tomato plants which will be brought indoors, and the bed with carrots, kale, and spinach. I will cover that box for a while, trying to save those crops. They are a bit more hardy.
From the box of tomatillos, the one on the closest corner, Sailor made four pints of green salsa. From the huckleberries, jam will be made. We are also drying a bunch of the tomatoes with a bit of garlic salt sprinkled on top. They are delicious that way. We call them "moon dried tomatoes." Next year we are going to try another plant from the tomato family, called ground cherries. Huckleberries are related to the tomato.

The first photo shows the garden before the frost, the last two show it now and the huckleberries in a bowl. In one you can see me sitting on a bench in the background. I am saving the flower seeds. It was a busy day. Look at that amazing wheelbarrow of squash!

We had a fruitful year, and we really feel blessed.


yardsnacker said...

Sigh, isn't Fall such a melancholy time? I guess seeing gardens lay down is a new experience for me. So much more intimate than fall leaves. It's like saying goodbye to a friend. Great music and pics!


Anonymous said...

Very beautiful, and as it should be… I love you!

RisibleGirl said...

I am pulling up my stuff in shifts. I chop down and pull out until my 32 gallon container is full. Our yardwaste guy comes every other week, so that's not a whole lot of progress. I'm kind of wishing for a (darnit- can't think of the name of the machine that grinds up branches and stuff) and a composter. I guess that will be on my list for next year.


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