Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wahoo A New Gadget!

I went back to the running store to exchange the inserts yesterday. I had some to correct my feet that pronate, but they caused my knees to hurt. My physical therapist says sometimes our feet will not adjust to one that is too corrective.
When I got the new one in, I tried them out by running, outside the store. In my skirt. I must have looked really funny, but what the heck. I regretted it after I got back inside the store and began to sweat. Just before our choir party, I wanted a shower.
oh well, I really didn't run that far, maybe a couple of blocks, but it was in 100 degree weather, and my body protested.
But while there, I purchased a new gadget. It is called Nike+Ipod. To quote the web site:

"The Sport Kit allows your Nike+ shoe to talk to your iPod nano. The sensor uses a sensitive accelerometer to measure your activity, then wirelessly transfers this data to the receiver on your iPod nano."

There is a voice that tells you how many minutes you have run, and how many left, how far you've run, what your average mph is and calories. It depends on if you set your goal for calories, distance or minutes. Today I set it for 60 minutes. I wasn't home when I had completed the 60 minutes, but it continued to count and then summarized it all when I got home. Sometimes she is a bit of a nag, but as I get better, I think I will look forward to her nagging/er um reminding.

I have to set up a Nike account then when I plug my nano into the computer, it will send all that information to my account.

Wow, we have come a long way in technology. Totally amazing.

Having fun with my new gadget.


why am I so exhausted? I am craving a chocolate chip cookie. I had better get out something healthy.
oh and the scale is finally showing a 5 lb loss. sheesh that was hard!


RisibleGirl said...

Yay for the new gadget and congrats on the weight loss. Well earned, my friend.

I try really hard to not get discouraged if I don't see the scale budge. As long as I'm doing all the right things I know it's bound to budge at some point.

And you've just proven that!

Sailor said...

Hi Dear Gadget Girl,
You really are a lot of fun, and I am glad that you are having fun with your new shoes. They really need to have something like this system but instead of monitoring running, it monitors contractions during labor.... It could tell you when another one was coming, and when to breathe, and all that stuff. Hmmmmm..... what an interesting movie is playing in my head.....I can imagine the scene, but I don't think I'm brave enough to describe it.

HiHoRosie said...

Cool gadget! Stuff like is always fun and/or cool. Congrats on the weight loss too - you've lost more than me! You know, how I gained a couple back.... :( anyway, like Ris said don't worry about the scale - when you're doing all things right like you are the scale takes awhile to catch up but no doubt you've noticed the other positive changes as a result of your hard work. Keep it up! Love hearing about it!


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