Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Battery Bob

I guess I am the fix-it person. Where ever I go, I am immediately pulled into something that needs fixing. I get that from my Daddy. When I was a little girl, my older sister was basically "Suzy Homemaker" from the time she was in 2nd grade, and since my parents had three girls (the brother hadn't been born yet) I decided Daddy needed a boy, so I assigned myself to be his boy. I watched him fix almost anything. I still use that inspiration to forge on when I feel I am having trouble, I tell myself, "If Daddy could do it, then I must at least try."

Our trip to Denver was no exception. In February, when I was visiting my mom, we determined how much fabric to buy so we could sew her some new drapes. When I got there, my goal was to sew at least one of these drapes so I could have a pattern and take the rest home and finish it here. Some how I managed to finish those drapes and go sight seeing and eating out besides in those three days I was there.

Then we went on to my son's house. There was another project awaiting me. It was one of those huge love sacks that needed reupholstering. Basically it is a tube 47" in diameter with "lids" on both ends and a zipper going through one of the circles and all the way down one side of the tube. The circumference measured 140" and the length of the tube was 57". We had to make a trip to JoAnn's and purchase denim and a zipper. After the zipper failed, I took the old one apart and swiped it. It took all evening to finish it.

But besides those two projects, I also found they had these little Audubon birds from Wild Republic whose batteries had died. Rather than see them thrown away, I took them home and picked a seam apart to see what batteries were needed.
I determined they were the little disk round ones that cost upwards of $3 to $5 each at the drug store, so I decided to just Google the number on thebattery and see what I got. I found a site called Battery Bob. Which has all manner of batteries. I found the ones I wanted. Not only were they .69 each, but it was free shipping. The only catch was I had to buy them in lots of 10. I decided there will be more birds who use up their batteries, so I purchased 20. I was required to give my email address and after paying by credit card, I got an email asking what I was using the batteries for. He wrote back to tell me that this other size was better suited for the birds. I thought, "great, I just ordered 20. But to my surprise, when they arrived in the mail, Battery Bob had given me the appropriate batteries for the plush birds. Wow! Is that service?

I think Battery Bob needs a round of applause!

*hurray BattreyBob.com*

ps I am not getting paid for this endorsement, I just believe in passing on the names of the sites and businesses who treat you right.

have a nice day



HiHoRosie said...

Fix-it Annie! It's got a nice ring to it. hee hee!

How great that you're able to figure things out, sew and fix. If we all could so resourceful!

Oh and about our garden, we actually only live about 9 miles away. Having a dog in the garden is off limits so I won't be able to use a dog to ward off birds and critters besides I'm not a fan of yippy dogs either. ha ha! We did finally put some slug bait down (organic) so we hope that'll at least work.

RisibleGirl said...

Yay for passing on the good stuff! I do that too and always worry that people think I'm getting paid. Looks like we're both paranoid about that.

Sounds like you were awfully busy, my friend. Remind me to never follow where you've been- otherwise people will think I'm a lazy sonofagun.


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