Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Grandma's Players Piano

While on the subject of the William Tell Overture on YouTube, I found this Players Piano playing it.

My Grandma used to have one of these, and I spent many hours playing her songs. I think part of my love for classical music stems from playing all her rolls.

My sister bought that players piano at her estate auction for only $200 and took it from humid Kansas to the dry desert in southern California. She was told at one time in order to fix all the bellows it would cost $1000. Which was expensive, but cheap if you were to go out and purchase a piano of that caliber these days. It is sitting in some friend's house there still, since they moved out of state, still drying out. I am afraid how ruined that piano is becoming. I wish I could store it here. There are humidity things you can install in your piano to keep it at the right humidity. I would do that if I owned it.

It makes me sad that it has been silenced for so long. She is giving it to her most accomplished pianist child, I think that was the agreement, but if you already play the piano, why have a players piano, is my thinking?

Anyway, if I had mega money, I think I would purchase a player's piano, and turn it on to play for me all day. There are some you don't have to pump to listen to. But pumping is half of the fun. I know, you are saying, "buy a CD for heaven's sake, and save your money" I guess, it is just not the same as coming from a beautiful, well-tuned grand upright piano.




Sailor said...

It doesn't surprise me that you would rather have the real deal than a CD. You are a classy, classic lady, and you will always prefer the handmade to the mass produced, the intimate to the anonymous.

Nicole said...

I remember my great uncle having a player piano, as kids we loved it. We would always ask him to play music on it for us. Hey, if your still interested in the card swap (I hope so) could you e-mail me your e-mail address so I can keep you posted on all the details. Thanks

Ella said...

I have many of my grandparent's things and I chersih them.

Very nice reading your blog as always.

Peace and blessings,


RisibleGirl said...

I have an antique upright grand. My dad got it free from one of the families that he home taught when I was about six. It was sitting outdoors on a porch in horrible condition. My dad spent many, many hours rebuilding the insides and refinishing the outside. He replaced all the keys, strings, etc. I learned to play on that piano, and they gave it to me when I bought my first house because I was the piano player in the family.

Since I've owned it, I've replaced the insides once again (cost me about 700.00 if I recall, but well worth the money). I'm giving it to my oldest son when he has a house, because he loves to play the piano.

It's quite lovely and ornate. I'll have to take a picture of it.

RisibleGirl said...

Oh, and what Sailor wrote? Just lovely. I love it that he loves you like that.



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