Friday, May 9, 2008


A - Attached or single: attached

B - Best Friend(s): Sailor

C - Cake or Pie: yes please

D - Day of Choice: Sunday,er no scratch that. Sunday's are way too busy. Tuesday~the day I go to sing in my choir, er, scratch that for the same reason. How about Saturday. My Friend (Sailor is home)

E - Essential Item: My Sewing Machines. If we were to be told to pack our belongings and suddenly leave, I would HAVE to take my sewing machines, and a generator to run them. (yeah, that's right, its an addiction)

F - Favorite Color(s): purple and any variety of it

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: cinnamon bears mmmm

H - Hometown: delta

I - Indulgence(s): chocolate. mmmmm

J - January or July: NO THANKS! One is too cold and depressing after Christmas let-down, the other is tooooo DANG hot. Let me go someplace warm in January, and someplace cool in July, then I would love them both!

K - Kids: 6 kids, 6 in-law kids, and almost 12 grandkids. I LOVE 'em all

L - Life is incomplete without: family

M - Marriage Date: June 7 :D

N - Number of Siblings: 3, two sisters, one brother.

O - Oranges or Apples: yes please

P - Phobias or Fears: heights, heights, heights, except I want to try parachuting. What's with that?

Q - Quote(s): um I'll have to get back to you on this

R - Reason to Smile: Family

S - Season: spring

T - Tag Eight: anyone who feels up to it

U - Unknown Fact About Me: I went to modeling school and was a model for an art class.

V - Vegetarian or ...not?: yes. I love fruits and veggies, but when I go without meat for a while, I miss it. All in moderation.

W - Worst Habit: procrastination. Right now I am putting things off and writing this silly tag

Y - Your Favorite Food: Oh YES

Z - Zodiac: Sagittarius


Sailor said...

Every day I seem to learn something new about you. How fun. Afraid of heights, but not closed in tight little spaces, spiders or mice.... You are my Friend you know. :)

RisibleGirl said...

OK, this is too funny. I'm afraid of heights too and I want to go parachuting. Maybe we should do it together and scream our silly heads off! ha ha.

This was so fun to read.

By the way, I'm not surprised you were a model. Not a bit surprised at all.


PS- I just love reading your husband's comments. You two really do have something very special, and that's awesome. He seems like such a sweet man.

HiHoRosie said...

Hi Annie! Heidi here (Risible's sister). Fun read! Mind if I swipe this meme? :)

Happy Mother's Day!

HiHoRosie said...

Thanks for stopping by my "place." I love the template I found (and the place I got it from has several others I wanted to use too) but you can also google free blogger templates. It's fun to switch things up a bit but it was a drag to reinstall my widgets and such. Oh well. :)

Have a good week!


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